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Gaulter's Gameplay Stats Today
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17 yrs. old. Learning to become a better trickster and unfortunately I had to give up freerunning due to back problems.
Nature, RPGs, books, astrophysics, atomic/molecular physics and electro-magnetism and Tricking now that I can actually do the friggin tricks without being on a trampoline.
Fav Music:
Metal: Thrash, Viking, Folk, Power, Heavy, and some Black and Death metal. Techno, Trance, Electronica, and OST's from my favorite videogames and OC remixes.
Fav Movies:
TMNT 3, Gladiator, Cast Away, Talladega Nights, Mrs. Doubtfire, Broken Arrow, Hot Fuzz, Field of Dreams, Dragonheart, Braveheart, all James Bond movies, and HK_Ninja's video of himself doing a 360 Cresent Kick
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andili writes...
at 8:39:17pm on 4/30/08
oh and...u are really 17? :O i thought u are liek.. nvm XD
andili writes...
at 8:38:47pm on 4/30/08
dude O_o u've been a member on here for almost as long as ryan. I never noticed that XD.
coolbeans2 writes...
at 7:42:33pm on 4/16/08
hey gaulter what have you been up to?
HK_Ninja writes...
at 8:25:19pm on 3/27/08
dude aaaahh
andili writes...
at 7:52:54pm on 2/18/08
heeeyy heyy heyy david o.o hows ryan? he is not very active on msn nor ffr.
andili writes...
at 4:16:09pm on 2/7/08
pssst abraham :D
xXDarkkstarrXx writes...
at 3:52:20pm on 2/7/08
Meh, you should try Symphony X. Their singing is really different from CoB's though. Rhapsody? What's their best song? Heh, yea. Maybe we can play again tomorrow? I should be on around 4:00-5:00 (EST), see ya there if you can make it.
revanant writes...
at 12:50:05am on 2/6/08
CosmicRain writes...
at 6:28:26pm on 2/5/08
I see you got the token, so there's one less token to worry about!
xXDarkkstarrXx writes...
at 1:48:10pm on 2/5/08
I'm good, thanks. Hah, most of the bands I listen to are...not very famous. There's Kalmah, Children of Bodom, and Symphony X
and whoa, how'd you get so many skill tokens? xD all I could get were the easy ones.
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