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You find yourself reading my bio and came to realize what you're about to read will make no sense whatsoever. Swan dive! Into the best night of your life. You'll find me quite intriguing once you experienced Gabba inside of you. Double meaning? I think not <3
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I make shitty music too~
Posted on: June 7, 2014, at 10:17:22pm   [2 comments]

Choking harder than a pornstar
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Xtreme2252 writes...
at 10:46:54pm on 2/27/16
IwasAsquidOnce writes...
at 2:18:15am on 7/21/15
[2:10 AM] * Gabbangelion has joined
[2:11 AM] IwasAsquidOnce: hello
[2:15 AM] * [15] Gabbangelion has left
mrpreggers writes...
at 10:34:17am on 3/7/15
stay kool
Mr.QuackBosley writes...
at 9:31:39am on 3/7/15
But I dun see you around MP ;-; (P.S I beat dat record of yours of future destination so close to a SDG just...1 gud away)
Mr.QuackBosley writes...
at 10:12:17am on 3/6/15
I mish you gab ;-;
Jenz2 writes...
at 12:53:58am on 7/14/14
scusethetude writes...
at 8:31:06am on 7/11/14
pookie99 writes...
at 11:35:24pm on 7/6/14
Okies, thaknks :DD
pookie99 writes...
at 10:42:50pm on 7/6/14
Hi there, I haven't been on FFR in a while, and have forgoten everything I know about FFR Vets, so how long does it take to aquire a title?
samurai7694 writes...
at 11:25:48am on 7/6/14
Who will step/restep all those songs? :O
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