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eh...time to fess up my names jacob...not gaara but i do agree i like things such as this ya know FFR but anyways i dont like to talk to poeple that much and im friendly when i want to be so just w/e...
414-350-9119..i guess
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Anger management
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Posted on: December 11, 2007, at 11:54:25am   [10 comments]
I'm going to a doctors appointment today..and I want all of your best wishes for me..becuase if this test comes out possotive.that means I'll have Cancer..and that means i wont be on for a long time...and if i die...that means i wont be on ever again...*eyes get watery*..and if i dont see any of you ever again...just know that im sorry..and I never ment to hurt any of you...

Good bye to my friends who were kind enought to treat me like family:

Rock Lee

Rin Uchihae









I love all of you and please...bring me hope...

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sly2684 writes...
at 6:50:00pm on 5/13/12
hey jacob i hope your doing okay wherever you may be i miss you had the time i got to see you hope. Sorry about all the conflicts that happen the past year that did happen you know with power and rin and a few others. alot of shit went down those days. i miss ya best gay friend ever. and if you can in some way. try to get your brother to get bcak on here. id love to talk to him somehow. after the crash well yea. i couldnt ever go through the pain you went through but know i was here for most of it and i was always on your side. I miss you.
sly2684 writes...
at 6:20:28am on 8/1/11
Heh wow I might turn into power commenting. So it's been 3 years heh hecka long time. You know I never got a chance to say....goodbye or I love ya. *sighs* I feel like u kinda haunt me but that could just be me. Heh so I'm moving yay for Florida. Starting anew and dot really want to. Eh but everyone has to do it. I'll come visit you one day and I'll bring lots of flowers. Do you like flowers? hmmm idk if u do but I'll bring anyways. So well I'll b sure to talk to u later.
Sly A.K.A Sebastian
:Ororon: writes...
at 1:10:05am on 11/3/10
As lies go around, they ruin peoples lives.
Since you'll never be on again, what's the point of being alive?
Might as well show the world who you really are.
Everyone has a time to live and a time to die...
Why make your own death fake, Terah?
The persons life you ruined,
powerfullsbrother writes...
at 3:57:47pm on 12/16/09
Oh look! Another visit from me! Not surprising....Anyway, blah blah blah, bye.
powerfullsbrother writes...
at 9:05:01am on 7/11/09
Lol...you always were a crazy b*tch xD...no wonder I never felt bi...in other words...you never existed in my life...so your a girl and your name is Terah/Tera/ w/e...isnt that wonderful?...well...have a...good life I suppose? I always knew you were alive...
~iLiKeCoOkIeS~ writes...
at 9:19:39pm on 6/28/09
gaara....its been like a year since the last time i paid my respects....i hope you are in a better place now..
oh..if ur wondering who this is...its me sakura_haruno2266.....
KazekageGaaraluvr writes...
at 2:33:18am on 6/19/09
Nice profile....I Luf® Gaara.....
powerfullsbrother writes...
at 7:02:51am on 4/26/09
...just finished talking to Lee...now its time for me to talk to you...yes...I do talk to dead people...I find it very fun...and yes...I am happier now...but I couldn't have done it without you...or your sister...Nami...she made me very happy...*hugs you* ...thank you for coming into my life...and...I hope to meet you one day...I know...that you are in heaven...enjoying life...anyways...*shakes your hand* ....I'll see you...when I'm dead...
Your friend, once your lover, and also...your hater,
powerfullsbrother (Julio)
P.S. ......I'd rather not say what I wanted to say....Bye...*vanishes*
Pichu! writes...
at 5:16:11am on 4/13/09
I've never met you. And most likely never will. Everyone misses you.When I joined FFR you were what everyone was talking about. They all blamed power for what happened. That was sad. I didn't say anything because I didn't understand. Everyone loves/loved you so much. I know we've never met. But you live on through the people you've touched. Power wouldn't be who is he today with out you. Namine would probably be the same but nami is nami! If I had known you, I hope you wouldn't have hated me.
Thank you-Forver loved-
Rin-Uchiha writes...
at 9:31:19pm on 1/8/09
Everyone misses you gaara!!! Dx we really really do!!! its so sad your gone forever!!!! you were a really good friend u.u rest in peace. . .
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