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Gaara 11
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Location:Sanit Paul, Minnesota, USA
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Gaming Region:USA - Great Lakes
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Gaara 11's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
I'm 13 and I live in Minnesota. i know my username says "Gaara 11" but just call me WhiteBoy.
Music, Football, chill'n with friends, games, and girls of course.
Fav Music:
Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and sometimes I'll like a rock song, but that is very rare.
Fav Movies:
Comedy, Action, Adventure, Horror, Suspense
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Naruto Fourth Opening
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BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 5:29:33pm on 2/24/09
well it says that I have to make an email just as long as its not a yahoo, so when I make a new email address at where ever it told me to I'll be able to.
sasukeishot2 writes...
at 8:43:07am on 2/23/09
well i good
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 8:19:25pm on 2/20/09
for sure.
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 8:04:17pm on 2/20/09
I haven't played it yet I've had a lot of things on my mind and I keep forgetting.
Blooregard Q Kazoo writes...
at 7:07:48pm on 2/20/09
cool background XD
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 5:23:01pm on 2/20/09
right got it.
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 5:48:25pm on 2/18/09
okay I'll check it out so wats up.
sasukeishot2 writes...
at 8:46:47am on 2/18/09
its k nothing much and u
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 5:33:54pm on 2/17/09
Bleach is my favorite but I watch others as well.
BankaI VillaIn88 writes...
at 6:32:22pm on 2/16/09
oh dats cool I listen to that and techno.
and some rock.
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