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catcat472 writes...
at 4:27:49pm on 11/1/09
heyy sup man
Flandre Scarlet writes...
at 3:39:49pm on 11/1/09
lol yes it does
you have the same first name as me dude xD
the life of a noob writes...
at 10:27:46am on 11/1/09
thanks haha
FFR=Gay writes...
at 8:49:44pm on 10/26/09
your mom was on the hackers list
FlamingThumbsDown writes...
at 10:53:59pm on 10/21/09
Hey man what's up?
L e e writes...
at 8:14:01pm on 10/18/09
haha i love it though XD its all sparkly OwO
Darkbreezee writes...
at 6:59:40pm on 10/18/09
ye totally agree dude , but awesome isn't a word to describe that anime's epicness x,D
alexdestructions writes...
at 6:55:55pm on 10/18/09
i quit FFR lol
Linket writes...
at 10:41:01pm on 10/17/09
"well that is great to hear." :3
Linket writes...
at 8:07:44pm on 10/17/09
"well how are you?"
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