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Furry Flamey
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Im in highschool. Just trying to make my way through the average teenage life...well I guess not so average o.O seems how its a teenagers life Not sure what else I should say but Im overall friendly, and just wanna meet new people ^^ Weither they hate me or not...oh well? I've questioned where Im gonna be and who Im gonna be with, what im gonna do and how my life is going to end up flowing. wanna be friends? ^_^
Fav Music:
Rave, Trance, Happy Hardcore, Rock, especially the 80's, Industrial, Celtic, pretty much everything but rap -.-
Fav Movies:
300, AvP, Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, Reign of Fire, Queen of the Damned, Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, Narnia, Eragon, Underworld...
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5krillz writes...
at 1:19:25pm on 3/18/12
cute profile pic ;3
mooot writes...
at 7:24:10pm on 11/30/11
haha u too^^
mooot writes...
at 3:43:34pm on 11/16/11
thnx for the add
RedPanda411 writes...
at 7:21:21pm on 7/6/11
hey furry hun. havent been on in a while. whats up?
vampireking335 writes...
at 5:58:48pm on 3/2/11
to many pms
YOSHl writes...
at 12:36:12pm on 1/18/11
oy there
RedPanda411 writes...
at 3:37:40am on 11/27/09
Hiya my furry!!!!!! been sick so i haven't been on in a while. *HUGGLES* missed ya!!!!!!!!!
-Byakko- writes...
at 1:54:27am on 10/9/09
Hah, not bad, I was never able to play second life before because of graphics issues, but that's no longer a problem lol. I should try getting on there again.
-Byakko- writes...
at 10:50:31am on 9/27/09
What's goin on with the fuzzy you? I haven't been on this in awhile and wanted to check on my buddys :D
squishyfish writes...
at 10:09:36pm on 9/8/09
HEYYY *tackleuhugs* :D
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