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badman7772 writes at 12:08:05am on 6/7/17
:D (this smiley battle)
badman7772 writes at 7:38:10pm on 6/5/17
0takuN64 writes at 8:39:58pm on 12/8/14
hi how are you? it's been a long time :)
0takuN64 writes at 1:24:01pm on 5/19/11
not so great... my grandma died on the 14th
0takuN64 writes at 11:25:21am on 1/31/11
Moshizzle writes at 3:23:44am on 8/31/08
I just loooooooove your Chobits background and avatar!
Agust writes at 1:05:51pm on 8/13/08
Sorry, namorada.
I'll stop. ;)
Agust writes at 7:31:50pm on 8/12/08
Oie namorada, como vai? x)
otaku_N64 writes at 12:29:20am on 8/11/08
most people would be afraid, but yeah most tornadoes are beautiful, but some are just giant fat monsters. i'm one of the odd people who are attracted to danger. it's kinda crappy here in kentucky. it's all just flat farmland, and patches of woods. i like it in arkensas where there are large forest and tons of animals.
Agust writes at 9:14:44pm on 8/10/08
sorry, my sexy apple. ;D