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Shoe The Almighty writes...
at 9:57:21pm on 6/4/08
~HentaiXXX~ writes...
at 10:56:33pm on 11/14/07
It's been a while since we last spoke, this is Danceman if you don't remember, I'm just saying hi to an old friend.
Genocide101 writes...
at 7:02:59pm on 10/14/07
you son of a bitch.... quedeuge...
Genocide101 writes...
at 8:04:22pm on 9/26/07
call me when you wake up for some forge or legendary or w.e
Genocide101 writes...
at 10:12:43pm on 9/17/07
Paa paa paya paya paa paa paya paya PAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
PurplePoise writes...
at 6:49:15pm on 9/7/07
1mpuls3 writes...
at 10:10:37pm on 8/14/07
SulferDragon writes...
at 6:06:47pm on 7/25/07
Somebody really loves metal
Genocide101 writes...
at 11:18:58pm on 7/24/07
yo i have something for you give me a call asap
BigBoss37 writes...
at 10:17:55pm on 7/13/07
alright cool man, let's play again sometime
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