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Sagon_Eternal writes...
at 10:18:27pm on 6/27/09
Hello ;]
Neon Kitten writes...
at 11:11:38am on 12/5/08
lol here we go get for 126 FC
v0lcom writes...
at 7:46:29pm on 8/25/08
did you have fun owning my ass in mp the other day? i fcking blow ass at this game now :( meh owell.
MarineDude writes...
at 7:18:48pm on 8/22/08
sry fizz,
i lost wireless connection that moment and i couldnt get bak in multi cuz the [Loading Mp] box stays and and wouldnt let me go in =/
btw awesome gameplay we had!
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 10:11:55pm on 8/9/08
You're pretty good for one of the kittens.
Blue Kitten writes...
at 4:35:04pm on 7/26/08
Pok Kitten writes...
at 7:41:30pm on 7/23/08
Got to be o.O
sexyshortboy writes...
at 4:32:58pm on 7/22/08
u get WAFFLEZ cause ur hawt!
Ishikimatsuri writes...
at 6:07:17am on 7/22/08
Meow =^.^=
v0lcom writes...
at 5:39:29am on 7/22/08
the kitten clan are full of some sexy girls.
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