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This is me raving lol
Posted on: December 19, 2006, at 09:04:10am   [0 comments]

12012 is my all time favorite japanese band
Posted on: December 19, 2006, at 09:02:52am   [0 comments]

Comment wall
ap19 writes...
at 1:10:30am on 8/31/07
wow, u havnt been on for a while
thayerloverforlife writes...
at 9:25:33pm on 6/8/07
hey was up i voted for u
Atman writes...
at 12:20:11pm on 5/17/07
You should try strings, a lot more of a variety of combinations, and above all tracers. You don't have to be that fast to get a good tracing with strings =D Laters bud, and have fun!
sarahxjane writes...
at 9:39:31am on 5/17/07
I miss you too!


You get to graduate before me.

I'm staying for a few more years because I'm behind.

But I should have graduated next month.


Ah well
minime65 writes...
at 7:55:01am on 5/17/07
Yea I am way behind but I haven't really had anytime
To play Or even get on the computer I have been pretty busy but anywho I am FINE i MISS YOU TOO! ^_^
Buddy how is it going with you?
minime65 writes...
at 7:53:30am on 5/17/07
ap19 writes...
at 9:08:27pm on 5/15/07
yaya, havent heard really. Dont see u often
sarahxjane writes...
at 9:50:39am on 4/12/07
Things are good.

How about for you?

sarahxjane writes...
at 8:43:43am on 3/5/07
Yeah, I'm fine... lol.
sarahxjane writes...
at 12:31:34pm on 3/4/07
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