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I'm an easy going person who can get along with alot of people and loves having friends. I English and french. I love any help and i would like to be better at FFR.
I really like anime, manga, and alot of japanese culture. I also like alot of cartoons such as; adventure time, My Little Pony Friendship is magic etc. i also love playing sports and cant deny my love for video games!
Fav Music:
i listen to alot of music. i like all genres of music but its gotta be good. i also like alot of music in fandoms like my little pony brony music is great and just stuff like that and video games music is great too.
Fav Movies:
I dont really have alot of movies i watch but i definitely have favourites. Scott pilgrim vs the world is great. Dodgeball is also good. I love lord of the rings, and alot more movies that are in my top movies as well.
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Rosario + Vampire
Posted on: October 21, 2013, at 09:36:37am   [2 comments]
My random thought is that will gonzo ever do anything with the Rosario+Vampire series. The hit manga is still going on and i am an avide reader of the series and i enjoy it. I also really loved the anime, even though many people dont like it as much. anyways my actually thought was is gonzo ever going to do anything with it. i know why gonzo didnt really continue for the most part was because of money and they really didnt know how well Rosario+Vampire would do. hopefully we will get some more R+V and more that follows the manga. That also brings up the idea that they may finish the manga before they star the anime up again. This is because the anime can catch up to the manga so quickly that the wait could become a little to much forthe manga because the anime would be a once a week kinda thing. the manga is at a much slower basis. So really whats ur opinion on the matter. I would like more, but thats just cause im a fanboy :3.

fighting is magic
Posted on: August 6, 2012, at 12:31:31pm   [2 comments]
it looks pretty damn cool

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Izeret writes...
at 9:42:18am on 11/8/13
wth are you talking about
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 11:52:25am on 11/6/13
*i move my head away from the mic to breathe in*
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 9:15:04am on 11/5/13
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 9:39:04am on 11/4/13
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 9:30:17am on 11/4/13
lol ur a clown
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 9:26:16am on 11/4/13
scum of bag
QueenChrysalis writes...
at 9:26:05am on 11/4/13
ur a bag of scum
theandyman01 writes...
at 9:25:59am on 11/4/13
ur a scum bag
corey01 writes...
at 9:28:43pm on 10/31/13
haha yeah :P
I'm weak in ffr tho haha -3-
corey01 writes...
at 7:36:44pm on 10/31/13
nothing much beside playing ffr :P
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