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12th Official FFR Tournament
Posted on: August 11, 2019, at 02:10:34pm

Damn, has it really been 3 years since I've touched this game? Thought it was much shorter lmao.

Well, I really no expectations for this. FFR feels awkward af to me right now but hopefully I'll warm up to it as the tourney goes on.

Round 1 - Violent Arcade (4-0-0-0)

I'm not a big fan of this file at all. Triple jacks feel pretty unnecessary, the majority of the difficulty comes from just roll bursts and there's a lot of filler. I can't see myself coming back to this file until maybe the day before for any last minute improvements so I'll probably be sitting with this score for now.

Round 2 - Wanderflux (5-0-0-0)

Pretty much sightread this aside from the first few hundred notes. Pretty fun I suppose. Couldn't keep up with the trilling in some parts.

Round 3 - Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips (6-1-4-3)

Pretty lazy sightread attempt after a derust session on Etterna. Just trying to get through the early rounds at this point lmao. This blog will get more eventful in the later rounds hopefully. Probably not gonna go crazy about scoring well on these until around the top 5 so until then, we'll cruise it in.

Round 4 - That's Gonna Be - (7-0-3-0)

I pretty much knew the chart going in and I enjoyed it quite a bit so that was good. What I didn't expect was to mindblock some roll transition in the intro, so I figured I'd just mirror it and get a decent score in for the round. Since there wasn't really an incentive to AAA anything this year, I'm just going to be trying to get through the rounds and make it to R8 and see what happens.

Round 5 - Extratone Firestorm (40-1-12-1)

This was pretty abysmal for me. I was pretty rusty during this week given I was only playing twice a week, so I was fizzling out every time I played this, which was super flustering for me. After a couple days of getting annoyed at this file, I just settled for a very bad score, but enough to get me through the round just fine.

Round 6 - Bolt Thrower in a Chinese Restaurant (42-0-14-2)

This file has so much filler, it's absurd. The intro is super boring and the hard parts are just simply unfun as well. Really not much more I can say; just making it through the rounds.

Round 7 - Fireball (40-1-12-2)

These scores are all eerily close, I'm just realzing now lmao. Also WHY ARE ALL THESE FILES JUST SHITTY ROLL TRANSITIONS. Is breakcore the only steppable genre for D8, or is there just no one capable of making a coherently hard file without making it outright absurd and messy? Idk, this score should get me through Round 7 pretty easily at least. D7 is getting some baller files but D8 is getting absolutely dicked with these super messy, uninspired clusterfucks of rolls. I'm actually quite terrified what the next file is going to be like, because I'm convinced it is virtually going to be the same thing as last time, just another minute longer.

I've enjoyed all of the other tournaments so much given how amazing the files were, but it seems like FFR is lost with how they want to approach the upper division's files, as they are sacrificing quality for the sake of creating difficulty at this point.


Round 8 - Crystal Chamber Combustion (bike) (20-0-0-0)

Was pretty stubborn on when I wanted to decided to play this, and decided to give it a go after a pretty solid Etterna session. First few tries really didn't look that hot at all, as I was getting a lot of averages, misses; my score just overall looked pretty damn messy. After about 10 restarts, I managed to start getting decently clean runs up until the end, and after about 3/4 scores, I managed to come out with this for now. I'm 99% sure I'm not safe with this score, but for now, this is all I got, as reading stuff this dense on FFR is a nightmare, so guess we'll what happens over the next 24 hours.

Your move, Nate.

Edit: Yep, called it on stream that it was SDG'able and Nate got 9 clean lmao.

Conclusion: Relatively disappointed with this tournament. Didn't really feel motivated most of the time and the quality of the files just dropped significantly this year for the highest division. Went in expecting to get 2nd pretty much so at least that was accomplished. Until I can read FFR well enough, I'll probably be getting 2nd in w.e. official tournaments there are to come.

  1. Good luck :)

  2. GL! looking forward to some great scores

  3. hoping you update this, i always like seeing what top players say about hard files

  4. my fav part of the ot

  5. lost motivation to continue with this post?

  6. More or less lmao. I haven't really enjoyed many of the files.
    I'll probably edit this later

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