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Wazzup, I'm EppuJoloZ and I love rhythm games. I am a 15 year old b0i from the Land of the thousand lakes (and mosquitoes lol)
I'm into disc golf, piano playing and rhythm games. I play ITG2 with an actual dance pad and this. I'm an advanced disc golfer and a semi-pro piano player.
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90's dance music, rock and everything that is composed well :D
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Ummm, idk actually. I like comedy films? xD
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Merry Christmas yall!
Posted on: December 24, 2018, at 07:44:16am   [0 comments]
Merry christmad and a happy new year to my friends, and just basically everyone who reads and sees this :D wish you the best!

Twitch Streaming
Posted on: December 14, 2018, at 08:41:42am   [0 comments]
Just thought of telling you, that I do stream on Twitch sometimes.
I usually stream FFR and StepMania but there might always be some other games that I stream :D

I know that the live channels always come to the front page of this website, but if someone wants to know when I stream even when they aren't online in here :D

Go follow (or not xd): https://twitch.tv/eppujoloz

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melonpapes writes...
at 4:49:20pm on 2/21/19
EppuJoloZ writes...
at 4:10:05am on 10/13/18
Holy crap, I somehow managed to hit level 60 in just a year since I made my account! o.o Although I didn't entirely start from square one, when I started FFR, I had played StepMania back then. That was a cool year, never thought that I would improve that much :D
Rapta writes...
at 3:23:31pm on 6/19/18
syb writes...
at 5:50:57am on 11/3/17
EppuJoloZ writes...
at 10:54:10am on 10/18/17
Trying to get FC or SDG on every Easy difficulty song, wish me luck ;p
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 2:04:02pm on 10/14/17
First person to post on your wall.