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furioso6660 writes...
at 4:27:31pm on 3/6/18
hi ecoli = )
RARAWR writes...
at 2:09:32pm on 6/4/14
4/10. Some issues with layering and such be they also said the song was just too "Musically Simple".
RARAWR writes...
at 2:05:48pm on 6/4/14
Honestly I havent the slightest clue. I saw my first submission was a 4/10 and was pretty discouraged to try and find the other. I'll try to find it.
RARAWR writes...
at 7:57:15pm on 2/3/14
Gah, stupid mistake. The batch that was reviewed isn't the one were I sent the chart, that still needs 50 files before it gets looked over. Apologies for getting your hopes up. On a better note though, I am busy making a SM pack for the D2 Rivalry, if you'd like I could throw the chart into it. Just let me know!... RAWR!
LegitMusicProducer writes...
at 3:38:25pm on 12/15/13
Profile is very unfull, to be fixing? 7.77 Years very lucky! To be hopeful I am lucky as to be you one day!
RARAWR writes...
at 10:12:54pm on 11/22/13
Had to do some formatting changes and stuff, but I'm just letting you know I submitted the file.
RARAWR writes...
at 10:56:45am on 11/22/13
Alright, I've made a first draft. If you have a Skype you can add me (Name is Vjbandos) and I can send you a copy, see if you think something is off.
RARAWR writes...
at 7:24:59pm on 11/21/13
Is http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=130047
still open for stepping?
I'm looking to get a file in and I think this could turn out nicely. Just let me know!RAWR
Tim Allen writes...
at 9:40:27am on 10/26/13
i am the late bob
Hakulyte writes...
at 9:53:51pm on 6/9/13
Ecoli inc. Credits Burrowing Agency~
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