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Posted on: July 27, 2011, at 03:29:22am   [1 comment]
If you like the rain
If you like the dark
If you like to sing like crap
I am just for you!

If you like to dance in the rain
If you like hugz
If you like tacos
I am still for you

If you are alone
If you are sad
If you want a hug
I always be there for you!

this is really shit
Posted on: July 27, 2011, at 02:45:26am   [0 comments]
peoplez don't text and climb out of a tree with a ladder...

Posted on: June 29, 2011, at 02:25:19am   [0 comments]
▄ █ ▄ █ pump up the music! LOL!

Posted on: June 28, 2011, at 09:59:47am   [0 comments]
I am so bored... i ♥ u

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Everr writes...
at 9:19:28pm on 11/27/12
respect_amor writes...
at 2:13:46pm on 7/31/11
Hi! I died my hair aqua! :D You like?
Ntc2415 writes...
at 12:31:10pm on 7/29/11
you're cuter thoughhh :)
Everr writes...
at 9:37:42am on 7/29/11
Thanks for the picture comment! (: and I LOVE invader zim! I just seen a few episodes a couple of weeks ago and before that I havnt seen one in years! (:
E.Y wadda writes...
at 4:24:06am on 7/29/11
respect_amor writes...
at 4:06:09am on 7/29/11
what's up? look @ this pic i found on some website!
x_Technofreak_X writes...
at 9:15:56pm on 7/28/11
Thats awesome! It's like 98 here -.-
Aww, you should come back down and pick me up! :D
x_Technofreak_X writes...
at 12:02:13am on 7/28/11
Oh wow! How is it up there? Iv'e always wanted to visit :o
Aww thats not good! :(
Ntc2415 writes...
at 9:33:36am on 7/27/11
Hi you're putry cuteeee :3
Caps-Lock writes...
at 9:29:06am on 7/27/11
Hiya! (: Marc-Andre at your service!
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