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13th Official Tournament Progress / Return to Arro
Posted on: July 3, 2020, at 06:27:58pm

Hello Class! Professor Dinmo here. I've been on a 2 year sabbatical but couldn't pass up the chance to join the OT hype. The last 2-3 years have changed me and I think getting back into this game again will be a good thing! I ran into some slight problems before the OT though:

1) The Gateway PC I've had since 2012 and which has been on the fritz since 2017 finally quit and I wasn't even sure if I could play. I panicked and ordered a cheap Dell PC for ~$650 with a week to spare not realizing the shipping time...BUT, due to the pandemic my employer let me borrow a PC so I can work from home ;) The game actually runs about as good as it used to on the old PC! #basedronavirus

2) Two years of rust is really not that hard to shake off in terms of accuracy and to some extent speed, but I underestimated how much work it will take to get my control back. I knew stamina would be a problem because that is the first thing that goes away when you stop playing.

All that being said, I'm relieved to be out of the top division this time around! So many insane dudes out there these days.


Round 1: Inferno of Fomalhaut (1703-1-0-0-0)

This chart is super fun and would totally be something I'd regularly play in StepMania. I could probably bang a AAA out but given that rust is still coming off and my awful track record improving my flags to AAAs, I'm not going to go through the trouble. I still have nightmares from the 10th Official Tournament Round 5 way back in 2014. It took me well over 100 tries to go from 1-0-0-1 to AAA on The Bird's Midair Heatstroke and that was in a AAA or die scenario. A similar thing happened with Extratone Pirates in the 9th Official. When you finally have a AAA going into the closing sections and elimination is on the line the stress levels get TOO DAMN HIGH.

Round 2: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) (1968-2-0-1-2)

All I can say here is the patterning is super abrasive to me and requires a lot of control more than anything. I found myself mindblocking multiple spots after only a couple plays. Luckily made a last minute improvement thanks to getting a more comfortable pc setup (new tower and monitor woohoo).

Round 3: HeadXplit (2497-7-0-3-3)

I think this was my sightread. I intended on going for near-AAAs later but apparently I can't play well after destroying myself with drugs and alcohol. I need to start taking this more serious. As for the chart itself, it's super overcharted and is a bit of a mess in spots. Kind of surprised it got into the OT. On a general note outside of the OT I've noticed a lot of bad charts post-2016 that somehow or another made it in-game and it makes me feel like the game needs better quality control. Just an observation.

Round 4: Chronomia (2186-3-0-0-2)

THIS CHART DUDE. Although it has a very straightforward structure with no real difficulty spikes, the steady intensity and multiple build-ups made for a nerve-wracking playthrough when going for a good run. This was basically just as fun to play as Round 1 for me but a tad more physically demanding. I had the ability to AAA this thing but just couldn't get everything to work all at once. Nonetheless, pleased with the round and happy to move forward. The next round will be interesting...

Round 5: Vantablack (3018-16-1-6-5)

Well this chart kicks my ass. Not much else to say other than I'm not fast enough at the present to handle the awkward bursty stuff. I'd need a flukey run at this point to advance so bleh. This tourney was a nice way of getting back into VSRG's though, maybe I'll stick around :D

  1. very fun to have you back, glad you got a nice PC setup. hope u keep updating this!


  3. Good to see you around slowly getting things back together. I do agree that we got many new songs that can feel abrasive at times. Some things are better and others still need some work for sure.

  4. "On a general note outside of the OT I've noticed a lot of bad charts post-2016 that somehow or another made it in-game and it makes me feel like the game needs better quality control. Just an observation."
    the d8 files feel like they were picked for technical accuracy and not fun factor that's just how i feel lol

  5. FFR stopped having multiple judges judging a single file in about 2016 or so, and having a single judge judging a file does make it technically easier to get a file in because it requires less consensus agreement. FFR had to do this because there just weren't many active judges at the time (there still aren't many remaining). There are also the factors of how some judges are a bit less willing to give rejections because they essentially become the arbiters of what goes ingame and what doesn't and that the id a of what's acceptable has become more pluralistic over the past years. I haven't really looked at most of the files that were released past 2016, but I've personally never been fond of most of the files released before 2016 either.
    Sorry to hear that you didn't seem to like The Glorious though; I'm personally not a fan of it either, and its abrasion is partially one of my reservations with it. And glad to hear that you're slowly turning yourself around as well; I was w

  6. my comment cut off: "I was worried when I saw your post in the life story thread"

  7. Didn't know that about the judging so that makes a lot of sense now. I can't say I disliked The Glorious, it just has harsher patterns that require control (in other words it's a good chart you just need to git gud lol). Good to hear from you!

  8. Welcome back dude