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Let's be friends :) Happy times, all the time :D
Heroism, kindness, fulfillment, honesty, gentle hearts, following one's own dreams, naive lofty ideals, integrity, vigilantism, intense unrestricted explosive passion, rational consistency, self-awareness, objectivity, dilligence of thought, philosophical discussion, laughing, reckless hedonism, obsessive singular fixation, lowkey eccentricity. Uh, I also like pizza and Pepsi and smokes and substanceless consumables LOL
Fav Music:
Emotional anime music and progressive and epic metal XD. I like FripSide and FictionJunctionYUUKA and Bee Train (.hack//SIGN music) and as far as the metal side of things, Cynic and Therion are my jam! Oh and the first half of Nothing Lasts but Nothing is Lost by Shpongle. A super underground SNES game called Lufia II has the best OST of all time I swear, you should all do yourselves a favor and check it out - that game is amazing too! :D Favorite song of all time is either Sea of Twilight (Tasogare no Umi) by Yuki Kajiura, or Cruel Angel's Thesis (Zankoku na Tenshi no T─ôze) which is the opening music for Neon Genesis Evangelion (which is my favorite piece of media of all time, across all mediums) ^_^
Fav Movies:
The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, End of Evangelion, Interstellar, Sin City, Watchmen, Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Blade, Blade II, The Transporter, Transporter 2, Fellowship of the Ring is pretty objectively amazing though I don't usually like medieval setting/theme. Hmm, what else? The new Marvel movies are all amazing IMO, I feel like I'm forgetting my favorites here haha. As far as comedies, Happy Gilmore, Billy Maddison (the old Sandler movies basically) and Bad Santa lol. And a bunch more, I'll update this when I'm more awake hehe.
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Drayk writes...
at 9:09:58pm on 5/20/19
Haha you too Cubey, same here, I wish I hadn't haha, grats on the Div up yeah when I saw you in D4 tourney listing I was thinking like "Wait isn't he D3" hehe so yeah nice :D GL!
CubeyThePenguin writes...
at 8:35:47pm on 5/20/19
i just upgraded to D4, this tournament is really hard
good luck anyways :)
Drayk writes...
at 5:01:48pm on 5/20/19
Thanks hehe but I have absoluetly no chance! LOL! :D Still fun though hehe ^_^ I couldve had a good chance if I didnt Div-up recently (on an 88 no less lol, didnt realize how much I was screwing myself over by doing that LOL :P) Best of luck to you too! My friend is joining the tourney as a D5 and he is crazy good though (he got me into this game) and so yeah good luck friend thanks for the message hehe :)
EppuJoloZ writes...
at 1:43:46pm on 5/20/19
I see you also took part in the blitz tourney :D Good luck!
Drayk writes...
at 7:42:02pm on 5/9/19
Haha thanks for the complimentary part of that self-put-down XD. As for the other part, it's all good haha I am really hit or miss, you should see me some days man, I just hit certain days where I play way above my regular skill, and that's where my scores are usually set (if you look at my top 15, most are in the same day of range of each other haha :P) Also you're still new, you're much better than average for your playtime I think, I only got decent stats so quick because I have no life and play this shit like 24/7 haha, and trust me, that's no point of pride! :P I'd rather be slightly worse at the game and have a life personally haha, so i'm as jelly of you as you are of me ;) (Also I aint shit compared to like D5, D6, and the human-emulating robots that occupy D7 :P) ANyway thanks for the compliment friend, you'll get as good as the time you put in and so yeah, if you wanna be better, just play more, if your life can't allow more playtime, then grats on having a life XD
Scripter writes...
at 4:32:21pm on 5/9/19
Damn, better than me. I'm bad compared too you.
Matthia writes...
at 8:51:10pm on 5/7/19
Drayk writes...
at 3:54:41pm on 5/7/19
EppuJoJoZ <3
EppuJoloZ writes...
at 11:35:24am on 5/7/19
Drayk writes...
at 2:05:06am on 5/7/19
Hahaha ty Blackskull :D
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