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I'm just a guy living in oregon. Passing the days by through mindless games and e-mail.
Gaming. Anime. Dragons. Werewolves. Wolves. Vampires. There are more, but whatever.
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Don't have any. listen to almost everything that they can come up with with the exception of Hip-hop and rap. YOU SUCK!
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Van Helsing, The Matrix trilogy, Underworld, Spiderman.
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Posted on: July 17, 2006, at 12:28:40am   [0 comments]
In case you're wondering about the scores, how like every other song is either a 0 or negative score, It's because my computer's Funky. Not that i should expect anything less from a Dell. Lawl.

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WelcomeToOblivion writes...
at 1:03:07am on 9/16/06
>_< This game hates me. "This username is already taken". Ah, well.
DragonMiku writes...
at 3:40:50am on 7/18/06
Haha, It worked. Synthlite's file is so visited that when I put that down, other people came! Mwahahahah!
templesOFtofu writes...
at 5:53:47am on 7/17/06
TNGxYoda writes...
at 1:34:35am on 7/17/06
c u have comments lol
lightdarkness writes...
at 12:40:53am on 7/17/06
I'll comment too :)
TNGxYoda writes...
at 12:29:28am on 7/17/06
nice pik
TNGxYoda writes...
at 12:29:22am on 7/17/06
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 6:38:31pm on 4/24/06
First person to post on your wall.