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Pwn- writes...
at 7:30:41pm on 10/8/09
<33 ty for the help
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 10:11:54pm on 10/7/09
lmaoo i unno..=/
i'm just getting bored of it xD
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 11:51:02pm on 10/6/09
heyy i'm closing my profile xD
getting sick of ffr x.x
well...i might close it soon
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 9:55:42pm on 10/6/09
peppy...did u get my pm??
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 9:47:54pm on 10/6/09
hiii =)
i'm onlineeeee =D
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 1:40:57am on 10/4/09
heyy sorry i haven't been on lately xD
my 2 girl friends (girl that r just friends =.=) wanted to hang out at the mall since we go to different school now xD
lawl, anyways i'll b on....uhhh..when u come online next time lol
sorry for the late reply xD
love you!!! <33 =3
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 4:00:22pm on 9/29/09
omfg!! xD
those challenges u sent me killed my poor fingers )=3
ur tooo evilll )=3
lol xD
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 8:30:17pm on 9/25/09
if u dun like them...then i'll show u how u can customize it as ur own..
sorry if its bad...i'm just not feeling well today
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 8:27:36pm on 9/25/09
nuu_beee_gurl writes...
at 8:26:39pm on 9/25/09
heyy..i dun know...what u like for ur profile...but i have choices for u......
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