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Just your average idiot mashing buttons.
I play rhythm games. Alot.
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Really now?
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Posted on: December 14, 2011, at 09:00:31am   [0 comments]

If you ever get the chance

Posted on: November 16, 2011, at 10:14:00pm   [2 comments]
How did I managed to get placed in D3? =/
Posted on: October 6, 2011, at 07:23:24am   [2 comments]
1 Tier point!!!

Posted on: September 27, 2011, at 06:26:23am   [0 comments]

What should I aim for next?
Posted on: May 27, 2011, at 08:17:19am   [0 comments]
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screwyou writes at 1:55:33am on 10/8/13
wheres the add friend button
reuben_tate writes at 3:39:43am on 3/12/12
Hey, what's up? :3
reuben_tate writes at 11:15:29pm on 12/28/11
I'm not that far ahead am I? D:
reuben_tate writes at 3:54:33pm on 12/26/11
Thanks for the comment on my VC AAA. :D You should start playing more, don't let me skillboost to far ahead of you. D:
reuben_tate writes at 4:22:38pm on 12/25/11
Merry Christmas! :D
reuben_tate writes at 3:48:54pm on 12/22/11
Hey, wanna join a clan Zek and I made?
reuben_tate writes at 1:12:26pm on 12/19/11
Maybe you should play FFR more. ;) Go get 3 bil at least so that in 0.17 years you'll be vet. :)
reuben_tate writes at 4:35:38am on 12/19/11
Lmao, saw your Jubeat video. I never saw that game before, and by the looks of it, you seem to be pretty good. @_@
lolpwnlol writes at 10:23:17am on 12/16/11
Jubeat player O.O OMFG. What's your Rival ID? I think you are around my level. I need someone to push me on in Jubeat if you get what I mean.
EzExZeRo7497 writes at 9:16:01am on 12/14/11
I have around 40 more songs to get Tier Points too...
And I've been playing for around 4 months actually. 8 months was just lurking shit.