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Sup? http://last.fm/user/limesmoke ^ go there. I'm Lime. I am a unique individual. I am an incredibly loyal and generous friend. (: I'm shy at first, but I value and respect what other people have to say. I'm a rebel and I have always lived a really fuckin strange life. I want to make more friends who I can really talk to who have similar interests as me, and people who would have a smoke session with me via webcam late at night (: I go to online school (keystonehighschool.com) and I love weed and smoke cigarettes (Marlboro Reds FTW) and I am a down ass chick. I usually smoke my friends down, and I S.W.E.D. :D I hate moochers though, xD (; I love to IM (AIM/MSN) and tell random funny detailed stories, and commonly replace commas and periods with enters. I love going on about random bullshit (which you may or may not wanna hear) :D. You'll often see me up and most social at very late hours :3 (After 12:30a MST) so if you wanna talk, add me on msn (see above) I am actually a lot smarter than I could ever prove, but atm, have no way to apply it lmao. So right now, life is really laid back, and I'm just kinda going with the flow until an opportunity comes my way. Criticism tends to impact my self-esteem more than I'd like it to, but I'm working on that. There are only a select few things that can truly upset me, which dont come around much, so I'm generally an accepting, tolerant person. (:
empathy, acceptance, friendship, karma, orbitals, internet, smoking/vaping weed, smoking cigarettes, computers, compassion, loud booming bass that upsets your square neighbors, understanding, staying up really late, tryptamines (& other psychedelics), webcamming, MUSICCC, dancing, smoking over the webcam, meeting new people, raving, LED lights, growing medicine, girls (bisexual), talking, wearing/trading kandi (colourful bead bracelets), guys, brown sugar, (scented) candles, silver, sapphire, texting, white tea with spearmint, gambling, drinking (occasionally), MUSIC, sharing and caring, cuddling, fun, partying, taking risks, animals, ranting, and last, but not least, occasionally some drugs. (:
Fav Music:
Erothyme - http://erothyme.bandcamp.com/(free mp3 album download gogo) && I love most psychill, psybient, psydub, ambient, trance, progressive house, house in general, minimal techno, and sick, dirty electro beats, dubstep, hardstyle, DnB, some jungle and breaks. All in all, I wanna hear that loud consistent booming bass ;D and http://di.fm is free, online 24/7 radio for every subgenre of electronic music! A treasured source of the music that I listen to today (:
Fav Movies:
i dont watch movies really xD but I love IMing! . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . SKYPE - Hydromorphonerush or Limesmoke MSN - dilaudid@toke.com / / AIM- dilaudid@toke.com / / ideal method of contact - skype, or msn.
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Lime loves Erothyme!
Posted on: November 26, 2009, at 08:38:56pm   [1 comment]
Erothyme is a very talented music composer, who's music caught me by surprise, enough to want to post this thought, and share the joys of his psyDM music. It's definitely some of the best electronic music I've ever heard. He's just not discovered enough yet.


or download the album at

I'm spreading the word as much as possible. All my friends seem to like it. His music has a nice "tripping" feel and it's great for lightshows and chill-out music. I, for one, congratulate the completion of Erothyme's album, Coincidentia Oppositorium.

Weed Wiped....
Posted on: November 9, 2009, at 08:46:29pm   [17 comments]
So I guess some asshole reported my profile to be investigated, because they have SOMETHING against weed, and some other STONER-HATING admin deleted all my marijuana photos so I lost all you guys' comments on them! Even ones from like, months back... I'm really sad about that, so if you commented on one, comment back plz... |:

EDIT: It's been 3-4 deletes already, the pictures will no longer be here, but they're around , haha :P Leave my medical pot leaf alone!

Recent orbit work [New perspective]
Posted on: October 5, 2009, at 12:08:30am   [4 comments]

Posted on: September 11, 2009, at 12:34:58am   [420 comments]
Post your wishes here.

PS edit if you havent given me a vote, give me a vote for my bday. or comment my pics :D

Orbital Work by Lime
Posted on: September 6, 2009, at 04:22:27pm   [6 comments]

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