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Like the game, but sm is better. Will play more FFR when laptop is aquired.
Gaming, Music, String Theory
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Trance, I kind of just go on youtube and fav list random songs that i like.
Fav Movies:
PULP FICTION.... Titanic, Donny Brasco, The Da Vinci Code lol theres so many others
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Let Your Mind Fly remix
Posted on: June 8, 2009, at 06:15:12pm   [1 comment]

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Nu0n writes...
at 3:16:29pm on 3/14/11
add me on xbox live gokuGTX
LongGone writes...
at 11:09:27am on 8/16/09
What the. Last I checked your profile and your AAA/FC bar was blank lol, no wonder I see your name now everytime I AAA a song
fermble writes...
at 12:56:54am on 6/12/09
*profile stalking*
I agree with justin_ator.
(I need an avatar too, haha)
justin_ator writes...
at 4:42:42pm on 6/10/09
justin_ator writes...
at 2:39:10pm on 6/9/09
Nice scores. You need an avatar. :P
GG_Guru writes...
at 2:25:02pm on 6/9/09
lol if i knew what u were talking about id consider it funny but unfortunately ive never seen the movie :(
g3nesis writes...
at 12:45:40am on 6/9/09
Sheesh you weren't playing around, what 270 to 73? Not bad :o
g3nesis writes...
at 2:41:34am on 6/8/09
I want your average rank =/
Tarrik writes...
at 9:10:11pm on 6/7/09
lmao, you fucking FFRapist
g3nesis writes...
at 12:27:27pm on 6/7/09
Haha been around for awhile, always played this on and off till start of the year. Personally I'm in love with the 360. I literally play any game I can in between life and work. Played CS professionally on the PC for about 4 years, guess thats what really got me in to gaming!
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