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12th Official Tournament Journal
Posted on: August 19, 2019, at 01:02:28am

Accwhoring competitions are still beyond me it seems. Hard to nail every little piece of jank in the lower difficulty files. Difficulties were a lot lower than I anticipated them to be as well, even to make it into top 16 was just an 89 which should be an AAA target for mid-D6 players. Never got to showcase my speed but maybe I can serve a cold dish of revenge for the final round. Back to Etterna for the foreseeable future, unless I start up a discord server for the old grandmas group.

Round 5
[xx] Antigravity

Seemingly straightforward on the surface but it's full of tons of places to drop dumb goods, and grinding the file is a massive headache due to everything being condensed into a few spikes. Still waiting for the files that are physically demanding but consistent and jankless. Should be good enough of a score, but I know I can get ~2g on something like this. Edit: Ha, guess not

Round 4
[89] Sayonara Cosmonaut

The 24ths streams give me fits to PA consistently. Just need to be warm and focused for the PaIII Sensation section, then try to not drop on random stuff in the solo. Needed mirror for the streams for whatever reason, but I don't like grinding this file, the SDG is fine. The lenient cutoff makes this more than enough to move on regardless.

Round 3
[88] Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion

Another ztar chart, relatively straightforward but hard to keep consistent on the awkwardly slow 32nd bursts. Lots of people had problems with the ending intensity but I didn't seem to have any issues consistently hitting the trill anchors and mini rolls. Something else I could AAA but would be hard to nail in the end.

Round 2
[86] Lamuscore

Godly Max chart with some dossiness to it, felt pretty straightforward. Got 3g and then 1-0-0-1 both within the first 10 min or so. Can definitely fish for the AAA but the amount of effort doesn't seem worth as it's just r2.

Round 1
[82] Ambient Ooparts

Long song over 3.5 min, great file by ztar but huge spikes and chokebait throughout the whole thing. Keeping my sanity for now, not touching this with a 10 foot pole.