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Known as Gradeus elsewhere, feel free to call me Grad/Dei/etc. ΠΚΦ-ΚΗ, astrophys/color sci, music junkie. Honkai Impact 3rd top 20 NA, washed up Smogon OU mod. FGC: Izayoi, Wagner, Peach, Amy/Nightmare
Life, friends, animals, music, badminton, soccer, board games, video games (Stepmania, Armored Core, Honkai, Melee, Under Night, Blazblue, Soul Calibur, Pokemon Showdown)
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Oh Wonder, HICARI, MisterWives, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Rise Against, Against the Current, Flyleaf, Sawano Hiroyuki, Egoist, ZHIEND, Nano, Yanagi Nagi, Yuiko, Hanatan, Ariabl'eyeS, Cepheid, Clean Tears, Yasuha, Jin, Yunosuke, Yuyoyuppe, PSYQUI, LIQ, MuryokuP, Okame-P, Utsu-P, Tanchiky, Harito, Chroma, Kobaryo, Dj Genki, P*Light
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Posted on: August 19, 2019, at 01:02:28am   [0 comments]
Round 2
[xx] Lamuscore

Godly Max chart with some dossiness to it, felt pretty straightforward. Got 3g and then 1-0-0-1 both within the first 10 min or so. Can definitely fish for the AAA but the amount of effort doesn't seem worth as it's just r2.

Round 1
[82] Ambient Ooparts

Long song over 3.5 min, great file by ztar but huge spikes and chokebait throughout the whole thing. Keeping my sanity for now, not touching this with a 10 foot pole.
Posted on: June 1, 2018, at 03:10:45am   [0 comments]
Round 5
[92] Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong
12th out of 16 (cutoff at 8)

I finally bowed out amongst a killer group that continue to post up low SDGs, and I just couldn't keep up after scraping by so many cutoffs. I was mostly taken out by several jumpjack transitions in the first half as well as consistency issues later on. Happy to have far exceeded my original expectations for the tournament, as well as claiming some bragging rights over several fellow rivalry members.

Round 4
[91] The Scales of Strangeness
T-13th out of 24 (cutoff at 16)

Man, I really pulled this score out of my ass. I had always been comfortable with pad patterns, especially 24th streams (s/o to Tachyon packs), so this translated quite well. During my PB run, I had even managed to keep 2g up to the last 10% before nerves got the better of me. It was quite a shock to outplace several notable players of such a high level.

Round 3
[86] Kanon
T-19th out of 32 (cutoff at 24)

I was pretty new to D6 at that point, so I honestly didn't expect to make it that far in a division as stacked as this one. A file riddled with offset problems and packed with color puke spells out "consistency disaster". The file itself wasn't that hard, all it took was getting #TheRun.

Round 2
[86] Diamante Spectrasplosion
T-23rd out of 41 (cutoff at 32)

A lot of minis and chords, which played to my strengths, and the 32nd streams were kept short which let me get past them without much trouble. Ended up with a pretty solid score I was satisfied with.

Round 1
[83] Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 "Finale"
27th out of 54 (cutoff at 41)

A bunch of somewhat troll trills to start off, but as it was the first round, I didn't expend a lot of effort getting above the cutoff and settled for the SDG.
Posted on: October 8, 2014, at 09:55:16am   [0 comments]
Round 5
D4 [73] Electric Butterfly: 21-1-0-8
D5 [79] Accelerator: 46-1-9-4
D6 [82] Cold Heart: 39-2-5-8

D4 hits a stark density threshold with EB's relentless jumpstream. Accelerator is crazy, but as per usual, anyone reaching this point has worked their way into the next division. Don't think I'll have time to clean up these scores, unfortunately. Also, Cold Heart now has the honor for my worst mindblocks to date.

Round 4
D4 [67] Poinsettia: 6-0-0-6
D5 [72] Exclusive Utopia: 6-0-0-1
D6 [82] Poison of the Earth:

The rust is starting to settle in after being knocked out, but I'll still attempt to ghost the next round or two. My inconsistency with dense jumpstream is pretty evident, so I'm happy with the Poinsettia SDG. My Utopia score was pretty solid but again, the AAA cutoff speaks miles as to the capabilities of the rest of D5. For what it's worth, I did much better on Utopia than on Blue.

Round 3
D4 [61] Plousia: AAA
D5 [71] Blue: 11-1-0-3
D6 [78] FUSE!!: 18-0-1-0

Tourney run comes to an unfortunate end here. I got nailed by inconsistencies on the rolls. The next round ended up being the legendary 17-way AAA tiebreak, which would have finished me off for sure. Hopefully I can improve for next year, considering I don't think I put in too much effort this time around. Aiming for high D5 but I don't think reaching D6 is out of the question.

Round 2
D4 [59] Flame Repellant: AAA
D5 [65] A Yodeler in Texas: 1-0-0-0
D6 [76] Capoeira Sundance: 37-1-0-1

Interesting chart for Yodeler, on the denser side. The song itself was worth a giggle (m8). I'll take the BF for sure, but the AAA would've been nice. Not gonna lose sleep over it though. Capoeira is quite the file, hope everyone has fun with those killer trills.

Round 1
D4 [56] Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness: AAA
D5 [61] Truth (xKore Remix): AAA
D6 [74] Lexus Cyanixs: 2-0-0-0

Truth was pretty decent all around, managed to nab the sightread AAA. Lexus Cyanixs was really fun, clean artcore and sick breakbeats made for an enjoyable song. Managed to get a pretty sick score with those bursts.
Comment wall
Andrew WCY writes at 8:30:16pm on 8/12/19
what is that cold (kurorak's bootleg) score?? great recent skillboosts!
Andrew WCY writes at 7:55:43pm on 8/7/19
nice husigi usagi milk tea and japan style breakcore scores!!
Hakulyte writes at 10:50:12pm on 6/17/19
nice omgwtf
SK8R43 writes at 9:41:15pm on 5/22/18
Dang, you're from NY too? XD
axith writes at 9:49:09pm on 10/23/16
I'll get a list up for tomorrow
axith writes at 4:20:39pm on 10/10/16
Would you like me to make a new list today?
axith writes at 1:43:53pm on 10/3/16
Edited the spreadsheet and posted a songlist. Darn you for picking mushrooms several weeks ago. Those last couple song spots are tough to pick due to the files in that area being so weird.
axith writes at 4:38:53pm on 10/2/16
I dont mind helping out with creatingg a songlist for the rivalry if your're burried under schoolwork. Mondays are actuallymy usual day off.
axith writes at 11:17:12pm on 7/29/16
I dont mind funding the rivalry if needed.
axith writes at 7:58:36pm on 7/27/16
Are you waiting on the end of the Official to start back up the rivalry thread? I know most of the people who participated have been eliminated at this point, and it would give them a reason to play the game (as well as encourage those who have skillboosted not to get content with the top spots in their division).