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She11 Bu11et writes...
at 1:54:15pm on 12/1/10
pixiedusts writes...
at 3:24:49pm on 6/16/09
hey i relly want to see a pic of u u still didnt answer my qusetion so please yes or no i relly love u
pixiedusts writes...
at 8:06:54pm on 3/2/09
thats ok i havent relly been on ether u still didnt answer my question yes or no bf love u
Mr.Amazing writes...
at 3:33:11pm on 1/12/09
my thing is cram6272@aol.com. and yea thats about it. now im gunna write rendom crap dowm below.
told you i was gunna do it, i warned you.
pixiedusts writes...
at 1:11:27pm on 1/4/09
because i was wrong and im sorry so please
pixiedusts writes...
at 6:38:53pm on 12/15/08
hey its me do you want to be my boyfriend
HeavyDT writes...
at 1:06:07pm on 12/15/08
wow man you moved p alot since the last time i look but zolo is still in the top 1000 i ahvent played nearly enough to be up there with you guys though
AC1speakerbox writes...
at 10:58:01am on 12/1/08
We played a nice game of multiplayer.
GreyWolfe writes...
at 8:20:57pm on 8/29/08
good times good times... hopefully I'll be good enough to beat you fairly one day...
jmoneyh writes...
at 8:48:31pm on 8/22/08
lol tru, its definately action packed , with fun and stress lol
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