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Hiii! I go by Robbie, or Princess, either one. I'm 25 and I'll be 26 in July. I'm 6'4, curvy, (yes curvy! I have a female figure) I'm a Goth boy, if anything I'm more into Gothic industrial, 80's industrial and techno. I'm bisexual and very girly, so don't take offense if I call you hun, love, babygirl or any of that shit. I'm a sarcastic fuck. If the shit I say offends you, cry me a fucking river and drown in it. I'm a musician, I';m the lead screamer for Burned At the Stake. Love me damn it!
Goth culture, gothic industrial, black metal. I really love kinky stuff. I love platform boots, they're like my second most dangerous addiction, I obsess over makeup(my most dangerous addiction) and skeletons, or all things spooky. I love lingerie, I dress in drag, I wear girl's clothing and I look damn good in it too. I can make a pretty damn convincing female. I hate rap, unless its the rap from the 80's-90's when it actually told a fucking story and no one was full of shit.
Fav Music:
By far, my favorite genres are gothic industrial and black metal. I like techno, hardstyle dance music, EBM. My favorite band by a long shot is Carach Angren (if you don't know them, LISTEN TO THEM!!!!)
Fav Movies:
The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, Underworld, any GOOD ghost movies, etc
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