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My name is Sam, I'm 21 now.. I will always be a huge fan of FFR and come here occasionally to play my old favorite songs, and say hi to old friends- but life is getting busy now with work, school, getting established, etc.. This site has helped me get through some pretty dark times, and is easily the game I miss most from my teenage years. I
FFR, cooking, body modification, friends, fast cars&bikes, ear splitting bass, UFC, maryj, sleeping, sprite, day dreaming,
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Metal, Indie, Acoustic, dubstep, Industrial, Punk, Alt. Rock.
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Requiem For A Dream, Fight Club, American History X
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Posted on: January 7, 2012, at 10:39:57pm   [0 comments]

They almost make me question my sexuality. Like you don't even understaaaaand.
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spartanumaw writes at 11:05:34am on 11/25/15
earlymonarch writes at 6:00:12pm on 7/21/13
Hello :) love the cranberries cover, it IS amazing.
spartanumaw writes at 2:51:05pm on 2/6/13
ehh things could be better going through a really rocky patch with the gf right now, i dont know if things will work out:(
what about you? how are things going over there?
spartanumaw writes at 4:40:26pm on 3/23/12
:( I'm sorry. hopefully he will find one soon!
I miss playing mp with you!! you should text me sometime punk.
spartanumaw writes at 5:31:20pm on 3/9/12
Hey hows your bf doin??
MeggieLeigh writes at 11:31:55pm on 2/1/12
Thanks. (:
i_baked_some_cookies4.1 writes at 12:29:53pm on 1/30/12
Haha then do it up.
You should try to fix his and be like yeah don't let scrubs tattoo you.
Illiko writes at 9:51:20am on 1/30/12
So how are you??
sorry about the caps im too lazy to fix it and rewrite it.
TheThong writes at 5:12:51am on 1/30/12
That's awesome! :D My cousin's giving me his drumkit (cos he stopped playing). Pretty exciting since it sounds 30498304x better than the one I have now.
Go_Oilers_Go writes at 7:40:36pm on 1/29/12
Yeah. I tend to like a lot of the "wolfish" looking dogs.