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Posted on: November 14, 2009, at 11:15:08am   [0 comments]

Posted on: November 14, 2009, at 11:13:42am   [0 comments]

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RockerSam writes...
at 1:20:12am on 12/19/09
hey david whats up n.n
Mrs.Cena writes...
at 8:39:02pm on 12/6/09
hey whts up? can u follow me on twitter? @ilyy_kris_nd_dx is my username. thanx :]
RockerSam writes...
at 6:06:51pm on 12/4/09
i no u were on yesterday where hav u been?
RockerSam writes...
at 5:24:27pm on 12/3/09
hehehehe... UR NVR ON ANYMORE!wats keepen u? i posted some pics well 2 pics on my profile you should check them out i drew 1 the other is a pic of me ^^ well hope to c u soon k bYe!
RockerSam writes...
at 2:50:03pm on 11/16/09
lmao yes yes i saw both videos on ur homepage xD just between u and me you not very good wit interviews XD lol but DoNt wOrRy im no good with them ethier :P yup yup so guess i'll c u round ByE! XD
RockerSam writes...
at 5:29:17pm on 11/15/09
U NVR told mi ur cheeks got swollen! GrrrRRRrrrRRrrr anyway XD glad ur cheeks r back to normal lol and ur wisdom tooth is gone! THat thing hurtsss XD. btw u r trying to stay away from icecream hahahaha I NO Y! hehehe
RockerSam writes...
at 5:21:24pm on 11/15/09
Hehehehe wats up im bored so HURRY and come talked to mi XD
RockerSam writes...
at 3:02:26pm on 11/1/09
oh yeah i had to restart mi computor but yeah i'll b in mp
RockerSam writes...
at 2:50:11pm on 11/1/09
lol nice pic XD
SariSynthetic writes...
at 1:55:59pm on 11/1/09
Mhmmm. xD
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