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DatB01's Gameplay Stats Today
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Reading, writing, ruining keyboard after keyboard playing ffr... The usual.
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A wide variety ranging from death metal to ambient/relaxing songs.
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emanfrazier writes...
at 1:02:26pm on 12/18/18
Yes thenoob27, he did join the gang. But the official name of the gang is Toothpaste Fish Gang. We don't only drink colgate. You can join tho if you want. <3
DatB01 writes...
at 12:43:16pm on 12/7/18
I believe so, I got officiated by Antori
thenoob27 writes...
at 11:36:28am on 12/7/18
Im guessing this means you joined the colgate fish gang ?
Rapta writes...
at 3:15:18pm on 12/6/18
the fish is so close to succing the toothpaste
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 1:34:07pm on 1/12/18
First person to post on your wall.