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DarkReign writes at 1:05:30pm on 7/10/15
My love and I :)
Panic4Me writes at 12:51:43am on 2/18/15
Well you won't with that attitude! :P How do you play? I found when I switched to spread I did a lot better. My biggest issue is speed with my left hand.
Panic4Me writes at 12:19:30am on 2/9/15
Lol catch up while you can. :P Whenever I manage to play regularly again I plan on working on my AAA and FC counts.
Panic4Me writes at 11:34:34pm on 2/5/15
Oh man, I'd kill for 80 degree weather right now. We're getting hit with some seriously cold air right now and the wind chill is enough to give you frostbite. I really hate winter here...
Panic4Me writes at 11:32:37am on 1/30/15
Oh yeah, I'm fine. This is the part of the year that I can't stand in NH. The snow comes back to back and is so unpredictable. It's snowing again all day today and we're getting more on Monday. Depending on where the storm slows down we could be getting another blizzard. -_- Moving here made me understand why so many of the pilgrims died during their first winter lol.
Panic4Me writes at 12:42:44am on 1/29/15
Oh shit. I hope you got that all figured out. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Between work and mother nature bending us over, I haven't really had time to get on. -.-
Panic4Me writes at 10:19:58pm on 1/2/15
It was alright. I had to work that morning and ended up staying late (which wasn't too bad at time and a half). Then I went home and spent the rest of the day relaxing and drinking some beer lol.
Panic4Me writes at 9:33:20am on 12/27/14
Lol derp. :P It looks good though. Did you have a nice Christmas?
Panic4Me writes at 12:01:47am on 12/23/14
Oh no! D: Douche bags!! If you lived closer I'd totally get you a job. We're really hurting for help.
Panic4Me writes at 10:39:47am on 12/22/14
Very. It doesn't help either that I'm working close to 60 hours a week right now.