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Creative soul with strange tendencies. I'm a huge gamer. I paint, draw, do digital art, make jewelry and abstract craft work. I'm a larp addicted Underworld Wild Elf from the island of Kalidor (Previosuly called Estlemere-- Come find me in the Ebon wood.) My daughter Oriana is my world, I'm in love with a superhero, and that's all you need to know!
Gaming, Art, Music, Reading,
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Power Metal, Prog, 90's rock/grunge, 2000's numetal style bands. I also love all forms of Dub, DNB, Electronica, but I only listen to it socially and when I'm in a certain mood.
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Mostly into Fantasy, Action, Horror, Sci-fi. Have to be in the right mood for other genres.
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Posted on: July 5, 2015, at 05:29:49pm   [2 comments]
It's been a really long time since I've been on this site.

At least a year since I logged in, but since it and the rest of my accounts were hacked I periodically become paranoid I've lost them again.

Now that I'm back, I've checked out the new spiffy engine, made my fingers and wrists sore with some button mashing and have fallen in love with the game all over again.

I've been so busy with my preparations for Art walk 2015 in Edmonton as a Vendor and doing tons of fun summer activities with my mini-me. In 2 weeks it'll be 2 years since I moved to Edmonton, Alberta.

I've made a business for myself, trading and making jewelry out of gemstones. I am active in the vending community of Edmonton and am always at craft shows and markets! So much fun. Wouldn't trade it for anything. My silly 5 year old always comes back from other tables loaded up with free stuff since she's adorable. We've been doing it for over a year now! How time flies and my skills have grown.

If you're interested in what I do:


Posted on: July 4, 2012, at 05:25:11pm   [0 comments]

Yes, I play FFR, but this is the stuff that makes me squee. ~ <3
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T-Force writes at 10:20:45pm on 8/28/15
You're welcome! =)
flashflash master writes at 5:17:20pm on 3/9/14
Thanks! Definitely, Zelda is pretty awesome.
RawMeat786 writes at 2:34:17pm on 11/3/13
Hi there. How are ya? Nice profile. Haha!
vladimir21 writes at 9:02:10pm on 7/16/13
np (=
AshPeltola writes at 11:11:44pm on 7/8/13
thanks for the vote!
The~J~MaXx writes at 9:41:55am on 7/8/13
Good Luck for that :), try playing in another computer or download flash and try to play in standalone :)
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 9:56:46pm on 7/7/13
You're welcome. :) Thank you for taking an interest in the tournament! ^.^
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 8:17:39pm on 7/7/13
Thank you for the profile vote! :)
T-Force writes at 3:15:12pm on 7/7/13
Woo! Packing really annoying annoying as piss. XD
And that sounds awesome! I'm sure you're quite hyped for it.
T-Force writes at 1:47:46pm on 7/7/13
Gotta get rid of the other temptation in order to arrow smash, eh? =P
And right, you're moving to the big EDM right?
When're you moved in?