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I'm an College kid who forgot about this site until I accidentally clicked it instead of Facebook. :P
Stuff. Do I need to say anymore.
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Metal, J-rock, J-Pop, Visual Kei, and other stuff.
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Can't Say
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RawrLikeloLory writes at 9:43:38pm on 10/24/10
Well as it dissapeared, I was in shock. I forgot about it and someone told me on Facebook.
I was in shock.. again. Haha :P And oh well. Here I am back and yeah, it's fine. But Of course, I am on here less than before because of College :)
RawrLikeloLory writes at 12:52:38am on 10/24/10
I am great ~ what abt cha? :)
RawrLikeloLory writes at 9:15:34am on 10/23/10
Omg >u< Hi !
Kasu_404 writes at 12:57:12pm on 10/16/10
Hiiii! :3
itachi_kitty writes at 7:00:58pm on 9/29/09
HEYY!!! :D
kenoi writes at 10:36:57am on 9/28/09
cool you still remember dude. i'm a fellow filipino so yeah. (its like losing another relative) we're all related somehow. haha
so what's new man... hittin up the arcade? still keeping up with games these days? at the moment, I just got school and spare time goin on.
kenoi writes at 4:20:17pm on 9/17/09
kumusta ha?
man, long time no talk, you know why? I hardly touch this thing... look, i'm now using it again. haha
itachi_kitty writes at 9:02:49am on 9/17/09
Dan!!! :D
Kasu_404 writes at 9:26:08pm on 8/15/09
I'm sleepy right now :P but good too
Kasu_404 writes at 6:57:45pm on 8/14/09
Hiii! how are you? :3