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17 year old White guy, that is working on a comic with his best friend (my icon was the title page for it, now one of my pics is), and I like to play video games (MMO's, RPG's, FPS's, and Fighting games mostly), hang out with friends, and there's more, but too lazy to put it all down.
Oh crap, put some of the stuff above down here. Add sports (just football mainly), listening to music, watchin' anime's, and playing old school games (SNES ftw).
Fav Music:
Rock, Techno, Trance, Some Rap (underline "Some" about 50 times....)
Fav Movies:
BASEketball, it's funny as hell. That and alota Marvel movies, except some they mess up. (cough) The Hulk (cough)
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Anime AMV - "Spirit Never Dies"
Posted on: March 28, 2007, at 08:35:05pm   [0 comments]

MUGEN PV - "On My Wings"
Posted on: March 28, 2007, at 07:10:37pm   [0 comments]

Legend of Zelda - AMV
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Bangcrashboom writes...
at 8:12:20pm on 1/23/08
cool profile
lovelovesuugaar writes...
at 7:18:08pm on 10/25/07
cool profile! I like your avatar too!
ninjafury writes...
at 8:40:01am on 10/17/07
wow you played yesterday
Xcrisis writes...
at 10:57:32pm on 9/21/07
i like pb and j hold th pb
Xcrisis writes...
at 3:53:50pm on 9/8/07
yo its justin i got dsl now over my sis so play me sometime
ninjafury writes...
at 5:06:23pm on 8/20/07
your so fucking gay
gluedmonkey writes...
at 12:53:11pm on 7/20/07
u removed me from ur buddies? :(
gluedmonkey writes...
at 8:02:28pm on 7/1/07
http://www.flashflas hrevolution.com/leve lstats.php?level=332 40 son!! hahahahaa... i'm bored as u can see.. (that's not a song to boast about!)
ninjafury writes...
at 9:51:59am on 6/15/07
ahha yos playin in school
gluedmonkey writes...
at 5:54:00pm on 5/23/07
soo yea.. u guys need an artist for ur comic?
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