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BowserFanatic writes...
at 5:32:46pm on 7/14/08
you keep beating me to all the IIDX songs... although i must admit, your stepfiles are fantastic!
bmah writes...
at 3:35:28am on 2/16/08
If I dig around a bit, I think I have an mp3 of Vanishing Point that sounds a bit cleaner than the one you've provided in the simfile database. I'll have to check and see.
Thanatos_XII writes...
at 4:31:38am on 1/28/08
oh yeah btw...ever found the IIDX 8th Soundtrack and V-Rare for IIDX 9th?
thats all i need and im complete (in terms of IIDX soundtracks...need to find albums by artists like Teranoid...Overground album D:)
need Rainbow Flyer Vocal Extended T.T
and thanks alot for the IIDX15 rips...im thinking of stepping a certain awesome song that starts with A xD
Grim5768 writes...
at 1:34:34am on 1/11/08
Hey there. This is Grim5768. I used to be Mr. Edit but changed my name. Loved your sm Window's XP sm. Very creative. We should team together and make some cool sms together. That would rock! ^_^
deAtHnoTe178531 writes...
at 5:39:51pm on 6/6/07
some guy is stealing your music and graphics(Fascination MaxX obsession mix ) and naming them his own and uploadin crappy steps with it.... you might wanna do somthin about that
JenovaSephiroth writes...
at 6:07:34pm on 5/18/07
Go figure, I totally forgot your AIM name and found it out in this profile by sheer coincidence. :) This is Matt (KGBK) from the arcade, btw
Mr. Edit writes...
at 3:43:23am on 4/21/07
Hey there. Love your sm files. I played 3 of them. They are awsome. You should find or have somebody make A Justify My Love (Speed Mix) or maybe this song Justify My Love (Grandale Remix).

I added you
Ari24 writes...
at 6:24:15pm on 3/31/07
jefffff its ariann whats upppp
REVENG826 writes...
at 5:38:51pm on 2/28/07


it sounds so cool
REVENG826 writes...
at 6:57:07pm on 2/27/07
can you re-upload exotic ethnic or if is cuz its corrupted
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