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I'm a 20 year old Canadian gurl uwu ...I mostly play DDR(dance dance rev), PIU (pump it up), beatmania iidx, sdvx/kshoot, and stepmania You might know me as Fab Sab or FabSab44 in the dance game world owo opps I sometimes play this crap: https://osu.ppy.sh/users/10095121/mania
DDR, I have been playing it since I was 5. I'm also a big nintendo fan, ya I still play...my 3ds friend code:4425-1766-1825 tell me yours. twitch.tv/fabsab44
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Posted on: May 10, 2019, at 02:32:09am   [2 comments]

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smartdude1212 writes at 8:26:53pm on 6/24/19
hey so are you with PIU, wassuuuup
Drayk writes at 12:35:42am on 6/10/19
How you been? Haven't seen or talked to you in a while "hehe"
ULTIMEGA writes at 1:17:36am on 5/18/19
Yep. I'm not as active as I used to be. Real life and all that.
GothGaymerGF writes at 9:02:23am on 5/12/19
wow ur so hawty
DDRfangirl writes at 2:08:41pm on 5/7/19
or Spenner or anyone else, I been going to AN every year for like 7 years butttt I probs won't go this year ._. going to otakuthon tho sawwrry. cya nxt year tho, I'm p sure ill be there at least saturday. There's a 1% change that I might go to AN bc everyone keeps asking but also I wanna save moneys
Spenner writes at 3:54:56pm on 5/1/19
Yooo Torontooo, there's quite a few people in this community around there! I'm in London. Going to Anime North this year?
DDRfangirl writes at 12:26:20am on 4/23/19
im gay uwu
DDRfangirl writes at 6:27:12pm on 12/11/18
im blue da bu de da bu da
GENS151 writes at 3:11:06pm on 7/16/18
very blue
One Winged Angel writes at 3:25:09pm on 7/8/18
I've been done uni for a long time and wasn't part of any rhythm gaming club lol sorry