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chidoriz14 writes at 3:46:12pm on 2/22/09
u rock for this u have:
Alexis Like Music writes at 8:40:43pm on 1/6/09
Bape simply rock.
killionair writes at 1:47:26am on 11/27/08
ok ur a nub lol ;p
AznGreen writes at 2:32:00pm on 8/26/08
glad to have you back =D. join some tourney and get the antirust
AznGreen writes at 8:28:12pm on 7/14/08
hey goki. it's azntony's new account. i made a bank account cuz i lost all my credits in my account by gambling T_T. one thing i learned... always have a back up =).
azntony8030 writes at 3:50:26pm on 7/4/08
since your never on anymore, i'm gonna update you. we have new tokens now and they aren't like the token token or the skill token. we call them achievement tokens. ex- fc half of ffr's public songs or reach 1 bil. that's pretty much it =). if anything else happens, i'll fill you in.
azntony8030 writes at 10:23:47am on 7/3/08
yo, you back yet?
azntony8030 writes at 4:08:22pm on 6/28/08
Look at the new picture i uploaded =). Bet you can't do that XD!1!
azntony8030 writes at 6:03:44pm on 6/25/08
i forgot what my reason was, but i didn't play ffr for a week once too. i SUCKED!1! it's going to take you about two days to get your skill back so play damn you XD!1! the weather over here is burning my ass if wanted to know XD.
azntony8030 writes at 9:24:27am on 6/21/08
England is gonna be cold as hell... so bring a sweater XD! it's a new place. if you have nothing better to do, find a new hobby instead of playing ffr. too much ffr isn't good and it's england... your bound to find something to do.