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turbo-talker writes...
at 7:30:57am on 2/22/11
Hey it sure has been a long time. How have ya been :D
Glucuronolactone writes...
at 7:24:21pm on 1/24/11
How about 8 pm tomorrow?
Glucuronolactone writes...
at 8:19:45am on 1/18/11
Hey we should play in MP again sometime...maybe later today if you're not busy.
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 4:20:31pm on 12/23/10
lol u would be surprised how much i remember :P
yes ik ik im a smartass xD
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 6:58:48pm on 12/18/10
yes ik whose alt this is.... remember? mr. 'typings not single but i am' shit lol yeah ik... :P
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 6:03:18am on 12/13/10
lol woohoo :D
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 1:17:16pm on 10/29/10
LOL no shit... :P wuv ya!
Missdeltona07 writes...
at 8:26:44pm on 10/22/10
boohoo u suck XD jk jk u do not suck... :O -cough cough- who said tht? >:O
PinkVirgin writes...
at 7:18:37am on 8/21/09
lmaooooooo i'm nuu_beee_gurl
AshleyluvzCJ writes...
at 10:05:58am on 8/20/09
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