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Comment wall
Khenra writes...
at 1:19:57pm on 11/25/10
Find the standalone flash player 8 here:
Khenra writes...
at 12:22:15pm on 11/25/10
You're online, let's do a few games of multiplayer?
LoneW0lf writes...
at 12:16:48pm on 11/25/10
Yeah I keep getting a random good in songs I'm trying to AAA its so annoying.
LoneW0lf writes...
at 10:23:56am on 11/25/10
Just give it some time. You should try and AAA some lower level songs just to get the feel of AAAing. I'm doing horrible today i keep getting goods =(
LoneW0lf writes...
at 9:30:51am on 11/25/10
lol i know how you feel. I can't stand playing easy songs for AAA's, i much prefer AAAing 5-7 difficulty :P.
LoneW0lf writes...
at 12:03:35am on 11/25/10
LOL. Don't worry man, yer on the right track. Just keep playing and you will get better I promise!
you should go for yer first AAA :P
LoneW0lf writes...
at 11:29:22pm on 11/24/10
Hey, Welcome to FFR! I like yer screename :P.
Dang, you played a lot of games today!
Khenra writes...
at 10:52:35pm on 11/24/10
Hey, hit me up for multiplayer some time!
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 11:24:11am on 11/23/10
First person to post on your wall.