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My names Anastasia but I'm known as Stacy. I'm really nice, but I do speak my mind regardlessly. I STRONGLY Believe in standing up for yourself and your opinions. I'm not asking ANYONE to believe what I believe in or anythingof the sort but don't say that my opinions and what I believe in is 'stupid'. that's when you cross the line. Respect my beliefs, I will respect yours.
Writing, photography, tumbling [lol ya I know weird], drawing, writing on my walls [yes I really do], singing, and dancing.
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Everything but pop. Ya that means I LOVE Country. NO, I'm not ashamed I ADORE IT! :D
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Wut ever scares the hell out of me or makes me cry.
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Posted on: April 29, 2007, at 01:41:37pm   [0 comments]
Heyy my name is Stacy. I'm also known as Anna, jo jo, jocie, and Jo nasty (Hahhaa don't ask.)No, I don't smoke. I think it's retarded to start cuz talk to anyone that does any they'll most likey say "I wish I never started..Now I can't stop." anyways I love love LOVE to write stories and poetry. I've written to book and I've started another. I DON'T CUT, so don't wait your time to ask. I have four ppl that I can NOT go through this life without and hat's Brad, Andrea, Keila; Shelli. I live in Arizona and hate it!

Talk to me<3

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Tikumi writes...
at 5:04:37pm on 7/12/08
i like your eyes and your hairstyle the emo look it's awesome
Zach R writes...
at 8:38:14pm on 10/23/07
hallo whats up?
Atdawnidie writes...
at 6:58:59pm on 9/20/07
GORGEOUS<3 add??
shatteredgravity writes...
at 8:51:33pm on 9/3/07
thumbs up for you seem to be a very cool person ^^
doctorj52000 writes...
at 11:29:15am on 9/3/07
Thumbs Up!

I read your bio, and I'm curious:
what do you beleive in?

God Bless!
squishy013 writes...
at 6:39:52pm on 8/31/07
Hot profile pic ;)

Thumbs up! Hope you can do the same!
eeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmooo writes...
at 10:21:55pm on 8/23/07
herro and stuff lol
Infernalgate_Zach writes...
at 10:35:11pm on 7/26/07
Hey, keep on being yourself, that's great :) One question: Why did people say your beliefs are "stupid"?
eye_cut_mi_rist writes...
at 11:07:45am on 7/22/07
im good too. whatcha been up to all this time?
eye_cut_mi_rist writes...
at 6:50:46pm on 7/21/07
hey its been awhile. how are you
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