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Culio's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
Well, I'm glad to see the site is back. Hopefully the community recovers as well.
Playing FFR! Wait, thats what everyone says... dang, i need to get more original. Lets try again- Making the top 1000! Aggh, again, unoriginal!! I also like taking long romantic walks on the beach, enjoying the company of friends, and just having a good time. Hmm, i dont think i ever have taken a romanitic walk on the beach, oh well, its on my To Do list.
Fav Music:
I listen to pretty much any type of music. I go by what ever album I happen to feel like. I tend to not enjoy country or rap because they're so contrived. I prefer my music to be the emotion, rather than trying to poorly convey the emotion of the artist.
Fav Movies:
Anything that's good enough to watch more than once. I consume media in a neverending cycle.
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OniYoshi writes...
at 7:07:47pm on 6/26/09
What's up?cool avi
Iapyx writes...
at 5:22:36am on 6/17/09
+1 for favorite music, -1 for knocked up. -.- i've seen that movie so many times. bleh.
crazykitty66 writes...
at 1:29:58pm on 6/7/09
ty <3
i feel charged =D
like the enegizer bunny ♥
crazykitty66 writes...
at 1:41:21am on 6/1/09
thnx for the vote =)
kitty was here ♥
crazykitty66 writes...
at 10:23:57pm on 2/19/09
thnx for the add nate =D
kitty wuz here ♥
sierratherobot writes...
at 2:55:00pm on 4/18/08
thanks for the thumbs up! :]]
power surge writes...
at 10:36:35am on 4/16/08
That was awesome! You definitely deserved to win with that!
at 8:18:16pm on 4/15/08
whooooo you wonn yay for youuu
I Trophy I writes...
at 3:46:50pm on 4/15/08
can you send me the link for the gaussian blur token please !!!
UnkownMan writes...
at 12:22:37pm on 4/14/08
LOL. That song was funny
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