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Crynote's Gameplay Stats Today
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If it peaks interest.. Tend to spend my time with myself doing what I like. Been a guitar player since 2009, mostly learned through metal bands/ artists. Big on Art in many forms, and been a gamer since I was 2 years old.
Fav Music:
Metal, Instrumental, Game music, orchestral
Fav Movies:
How to Train Your Dragon
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MrMan902 writes...
at 3:26:01pm on 10/16/19
Thank you for the games! :D
Crynote writes...
at 11:58:44am on 9/12/19
Ever feel so blue balled by the end of a song cause you nearly AAA'd it..... i know i have...
Fresh Fire writes...
at 8:28:48pm on 7/1/19
been awhile
-Blue7- writes...
at 11:53:12pm on 7/3/18
happyhardcor3 writes...
at 8:58:02pm on 5/31/16
your not beating my grandtotal today!!!!
happyhardcor3 writes...
at 10:20:43pm on 5/19/16
beat my daily grandtotal... you bastard
fingiesman writes...
at 9:12:24am on 3/30/16
CDCan, that's a lie
CDCan writes...
at 6:34:00pm on 3/28/16
first profile vote, i win! =D
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 6:44:24pm on 2/10/14
First person to post on your wall.