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I'm Carmen V.I'm nice and i love the colors blue,violet,and red.I'm a 10th grader in high school and I love to talk to people. I also like the tv shows naruto and any other types of anime cartoons. If you want 2 e-mail me then contace me at Crmnvllnv@yahoo.com Also since I go to school (like everybody else) I might not get on ffr a lot so e-mail is best.
I like sharks,reptiles,and dragons.(I love to work with animals) I also like Hinata because we r both the same. I like chinese, japenese food. I also love Shino Aburame.
Fav Music:
I like any type of music.(mostly rock)
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I like any type of movies.( mostly the ones that r horrer and funny)I also like movies with vampires and forbiden love.
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Soul Eater: Check yes Juliet Tsubaki x Blackstar
Posted on: July 22, 2009, at 09:47:15pm   [0 comments]

A New Start
Posted on: July 4, 2009, at 12:20:56pm   [1 comment]

Cyborg 009 second opening (japanese)
Posted on: July 4, 2009, at 12:18:05pm   [1 comment]

Karin - Ending
Posted on: April 8, 2009, at 12:24:25pm   [0 comments]

Karin- Why can't I?
Posted on: April 8, 2009, at 12:06:16pm   [0 comments]

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itachisage writes...
at 3:32:25am on 6/13/15
literally 7 years late.... but yeah it has been a long time :3
BlackTigerLilly582 writes...
at 10:35:48pm on 10/18/10
Kick ass huh?
BlackTigerLilly582 writes...
at 12:36:35am on 10/18/10
FFR's back on motha f***a!!!
Feardefeat writes...
at 10:54:42pm on 11/26/09
Thanks for the thumbs up!!
Trowaman90 writes...
at 1:28:16pm on 11/14/09
Cool I'll add it to my list if it isn't already LOL!
Trowaman90 writes...
at 12:35:55pm on 11/11/09
That makes since cause your whole profile is Soul Eater LOL! Still though had to know for sure, I need to watch that anime, currently I'm watching Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, I'll be into it's second season today, It's a pretty awesome anime.
Trowaman90 writes...
at 1:13:39pm on 11/10/09
How are you and, whose your avatar and what's she from?
GooseBumps555 writes...
at 11:29:44pm on 11/9/09
the princess is my favorite charater
Ichigo no Fett writes...
at 2:27:21am on 10/12/09
but of course i likes me some DN. too be a fan of anime/manga and not like it reeks of n00bness or someone who don't realize they is missing out and say "ignorance is bliss, so kiss my ass" lol why am i bein so random.....? okay imma stop now sorry for rambling lol^^. ps- hi and watakushi ga aisuru anata wa, Kamen-chan. (yes your name was Japanesified and yes i did just speak japanese to you)
Ichigo no Fett writes...
at 4:09:00am on 9/26/09
lolz hope you had a good time at Homecoming and yes i was hitting on you. saw you post on BlackTigerLilly profile lol. are you ever gonna message me lol?
no pressure (clock ticking in background)
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