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The world is a torrential basin, a treacherous sea dotted witj the occasional archipelago. I feel Ive lost my bearings and am stranded in the calm before the storm. The deluge will come, but from which direction? Is there a beacon to guide me to my safe haven?
Photograpy, drawing, tennis, martial arts, swimming, manga, maths, history, card games, reading
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e.g. In Flames, Metallica, Behemoth, The Baseballs, Pink Floyd, The Offspring, Amy Mcdonald, Mumford & Sons...
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Not tellin' :P
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Something must be done!
Posted on: December 26, 2010, at 01:16:18pm   [0 comments]
Looking at this profile of mine I get all discouraged and apathetic. Well, it isnt what you'd call attractive. This vivid red actually is more kitschy than I first thought. Anyways, 3 years is enough, I think its about time to do something about it :D

A bland profile...
Posted on: June 19, 2008, at 04:48:53pm   [0 comments]
Yes, I am 'painfully' (lol) aware that my profile is practically empty. It's not my fault, rather I dislike that user-unfriendly style editor - after barely one glance I decided on hiding under the covers of my bed and sulking for the rest of the morning... or maybe night? I can't tell - maybe a spacetime aberration occured (in my room of all places)?
Sometime in the undetermined future I just might do something about it. I just might...

edit: Wow, I just edited the background colour, rendering it even less legible and hideous... Nonetheless, I am proud to state that my knowledge of the hexadecimal notation has finally paid off.

Comment wall
Aerei writes...
at 8:21:13pm on 12/26/10
Oh, dear. I apologize! When may I give you your eye back?
Emo_Girl106 writes...
at 3:44:12pm on 4/20/09
I'm good ^-^ What about you? :]
Emo_Girl106 writes...
at 5:15:10pm on 4/17/09
lol.That's kinda cool...in a way i guess.But okay,
g'night! :]
Emo_Girl106 writes...
at 5:08:55pm on 4/17/09
Lol.What happens to me and a decent amount of my online friends is that usually when it's midnight where I am,they're just eating dinner!And then I have to go to sleep by the time they're done,cuz it's 1:30 in the morning.lol. XD
Crimson_Demon writes...
at 5:00:57pm on 4/17/09
Oh and thanks for the vote. Gotta invest in solidarity these days XD
Crimson_Demon writes...
at 5:00:20pm on 4/17/09
No duh. L was great, he died in an epic way... although i gotta admit the Light was at moments really cool ( i mean these scenes where he'd have a demonic aura around and would laugh maniacally like "I shall conquer the world" lol)
Emo_Girl106 writes...
at 4:58:33pm on 4/17/09
Thanks,I like your avi too.L is my favorite character from Death Note :]
Crimson_Demon writes...
at 11:59:26am on 10/21/08
21? I think that was the last one i read... i didnt know they made an anime tho...
TheNewGod writes...
at 7:43:48pm on 10/20/08
yeah, i got up to 21. but i'm looking for the name of the anime, because they have different names
Crimson_Demon writes...
at 11:05:51am on 6/27/08
It's really rare that somebody thaks e for a vote since the sefest assumption is that most people award others with pro-votes on a whim...
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