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ABOUT ME.... Mi name is Ccorinne. its pronounced core-in, not karen -.- I like to talk a lot. Sumtims i lose focus on things nd ill say sumtin completely random that has nothing to do wat w're talking about! I'm kinda smart,funny,and i lik to make people smile.I'm sorta weird once u get to really know me.. but in a good way! xP what else... o0o! i love my friends and my boyfriend. and i like meetings new ppl :D MI aim is: angelkorinne IM me if u want. anything else u wanna know? comment me or sumtin
I like music(reading,wrting,and listening); soccer,tennis, bowling, hanging out w friends,talking to people, goin to the movies, watchin Tv, hugs!, reading, playin video games(i hav a ps3 and gamecube if u hav a Psn let me now :D),..
Fav Music:
EVERYTHING! no rele every kind of music you could possibly think of!!lol hmm.. some of them are... red hot chili peppers!, cloud cult, jethro tull, the faint, domenico scarletti, sucidal romance, muse,green day, american hi-fi,rise against,flyleaf,linkin park,fall out boy,new found glory, cellardweller, radio head, nirvana, creed, good charlotte, bay side, iron maiden, Panic! at teh disco, angelzoom, dj cammy, dj phoenix, alesana, the black dalhia murder, black sabboth, Muse, gorillaz, koRn,Feist, avenged sevenfold, 3 doors down,3 days grace, thrice,chevelle, stain'd, my chemical romance, system of a down, serj tankian, john frusciante, a skylit drive, a fine frenzy, kamelot, love like fire,the acorn, tokio police club, acumen nation, octavia sperati, godsmack, led Zeppelin, arcangel, daddy yankee,don omar, Earshot, daft punk, parkway drive, eiffel 65, maroon 5, A.F.I,Cold, the beatles, guy moon, ian van dahl,dj satomi, a fine frenzy,bon jovi,felix da housecat, protest the hero, david bowie,disturbed, 12 stones, P.O.D, finish this!,billy idol, and a lot more!
Fav Movies:
too many too decide! i think if i counted all the movies i watched in mi life itd be lik 1002154852 or something xD err i lik the nightmare before x-mas, umm, She's the man,the exorcism, Scary movie 1-5,Napolean Dynamite,Willy wonka( the original one) and the chocolate factory, Halloween,Bicentennial man, K-pax The matrix, War of the worlds, Cloverfield, inception, Donnie Darko, troll2,Fightclub, the day the earth stood still(1951 version), the tale of despereuax,spongebob square pants the movie, Madagascar,Stay alive, uhh...
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so sad
Posted on: August 17, 2009, at 11:48:52pm   [1 comment]
i am so horrible at FFR it is really sad.

Posted on: July 24, 2008, at 12:35:56pm   [0 comments]

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N i g h T writes...
at 8:36:57pm on 12/13/10
interesting yes, confusing sometimes yes xD
Aussieguyx writes...
at 3:58:28am on 12/11/10
Thanks for the (Y)
N i g h T writes...
at 7:57:45pm on 12/10/10
lol ya random stuff awesome though >:3
N i g h T writes...
at 7:32:11pm on 12/10/10
yea i figured it was lol, unless you are hardcore about your art =p
N i g h T writes...
at 4:24:49pm on 12/9/10
lol i did google it i just forget it was like a year and a half ago since i put it on there
N i g h T writes...
at 12:21:41am on 12/7/10
lol awesome, yea i thought it was a badass background given my username, i thought it was called night but i think you are right on the starry night part, definately teached me something i forgot :3, but yea van gogh is awesomes im glad you liked it >:D
N i g h T writes...
at 6:33:20pm on 12/6/10
nothing much kinda bored, saw your banner and i love chinese food xD, made me laugh
sonicboom97the2nd writes...
at 12:42:57pm on 12/5/10
Doin, good. had to go make a new account though. :/
sonicboom97the2nd writes...
at 3:10:31pm on 12/4/10
Oh, hai there. ;D
at 6:42:35pm on 11/12/10
HomeWork is lame. EW EW EW EW!
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