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1/1/20 - FFR New Year Plans
Posted on: January 1, 2020, at 01:07:27am

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm gonna leave this on my profile for myself as a reminder to my final goals on Flash Flash Revolution!

*Get to Rank 5000.
*Get Level 50. (Advanced Ranking)
*FC a "Very Challenging" Map (60*)
*FC More "Challenging" Maps!
*Overall improve my skills as a player (reading & speed)
*And Create more FFR videos

And Lastly, hardest of all. FC everyone single "Very Difficult" map, I don't care about the acc of these plays.

This will definitely be the hardest achievement I do in this game, not quite sure why I'm challenging myself up till this point, considering the amount of grinding and lack of school time I have to deal with, but I hate myself >_<. (Around 1/3 there...)

Then afterward, I can quit and focus on my life again :D

(I still enjoy FFR, but my addiction to it is very frustrating. Often at night, I grind this game on my school laptop and this cycle has gone far enough for myself and is hurting my sleep schedule.)