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HK Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 7:49:08pm on 7/9/07
no your gone for good!!! Miss ya
Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 9:01:59pm on 6/7/07
love you and miss you babe
Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 9:00:02pm on 6/4/07
PAIN OMG STUPID ASS SPLINTERS!!!! I love you babe and I think I may start cryin this fricking hurts bad. Im not weak but hte wood went to like the bone!!!
Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 7:54:27pm on 6/4/07
You make me happy xD. Love you babe. I should be getting a new net connection. I also need to buy a new mother board and graphics card for my comp. They both Died until then I love you lots xD. *Kisses*
Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 10:19:39pm on 6/1/07
have fun playing ddr love xD
Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 7:52:29pm on 5/30/07
Guess I will be missing you quite a bit anyways love you babe
StepmaniaGod6969 writes...
at 6:11:10am on 5/30/07
what happened to your pics??
Senior_Citizen_Bob writes...
at 8:40:23pm on 5/28/07
missed you to day I dont sign on till later like 1 am your time so if you wann catch me that is normally the time im on
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 6:30:13pm on 5/28/07
thumbs up to you. you seem cool. wanna add me?
Genocide101 writes...
at 5:19:19pm on 5/28/07
aww thanks but there pretty old pictures :P il update them someday, i don't suppose i have to tell you that yur pretty beautiful :P ^_^ but hey il say it anyways gimmie a shout for a game sometime lates stacy friend me if ya'd like :)
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