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Nobdy wants or needs to know about me in just invisible
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Any but most rap and NEVER country
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aAny anime movie
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Posted on: April 30, 2011, at 08:50:56pm   [2 comments]

This is not made by me

This is freaking old. I'm far better than this now. I lose 1 sniper OMA out of 10. Wish I'd push myself into doing another tage but I simply dont have the energy to do another one. Id rather hang out with friends than play on the computer and id rather play on the computer than edit another highly edited tage like I did for Time to Die. Maybe later tho..
Posted on: September 21, 2008, at 12:14:03am   [2 comments]

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lowcloe writes at 7:00:45pm on 12/31/11
awesome profile pic dude
FUTUREKING101 writes at 4:55:27pm on 12/3/11
love your avatar
Winrar writes at 7:25:21pm on 9/1/11
Grimmjow was the coolest of all the espada imo.
ULTIMEGA writes at 8:48:31pm on 4/30/11
Awesome avatar. Looks almost exactly real in small scale. Oh, and Grimmjow rocks, doesn't he?
Kesshutsu writes at 2:31:01pm on 4/6/11
Zynclet writes at 7:55:09pm on 9/11/09
Zynclet writes at 2:30:54am on 8/29/09
noooooo bring back the grim rock, i have nothing to star at now
The Dead Man writes at 3:47:11am on 7/19/09
funny videos lol
Nyuu Chan writes at 9:17:10am on 7/7/09
Thanks. I faved the site.
The Dead Man writes at 8:30:28pm on 7/3/09
cool BG