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Chicken h999
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Chicken h999's Gameplay Stats Today
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I haven't used this in 7 years but I'm getting rid of those most embarrassing statuses I've ever had on anything. I'm 21, in university and majoring in comp sci.
Gaming,music,tennis,movies,tv,actually pretty much anything interests me.
Fav Music:
Anything tbh.
Fav Movies:
(See what I wrote for music)
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Squirtle x3 writes...
at 11:52:08am on 6/3/15
You're welcome. How are you? Not sure if you ever spoke with the_angle_of_love.. Awhile back. But I'm her haha
stuffedunicorn writes...
at 5:02:31pm on 5/26/15
I actually don't, sorry.
stuffedunicorn writes...
at 7:17:14pm on 5/25/15
A style?
lizzzzzx3m writes...
at 8:29:28pm on 5/24/15
Pathology is my major. And I don't really add people that I don't know personally, I'm sorry :/
hi im sexy writes...
at 6:59:47pm on 5/23/15
and why not?
AmethystStar19 writes...
at 4:39:47pm on 5/23/15
Ikr, it's hard when u have a full time job and are a full time college student. But I really enjoy playing ffr takes some of the stress away, lol xD
RetroxRCrayon writes...
at 5:05:56pm on 5/22/15
lol, retro.crayon is the name
AmethystStar19 writes...
at 2:25:50pm on 5/22/15
It's ok, I used to play this 24/7 like 7 years ago now it's more of a pass time lol xD
RetroxRCrayon writes...
at 2:22:34pm on 5/22/15
Just FBing and taking care of kittens. :] I have Skype, but I never use it, lol.
RetroxRCrayon writes...
at 10:12:10am on 5/22/15
Helloooooo :'D
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