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Chicken h999
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I haven't used this in 7 years but I'm getting rid of those most embarrassing statuses I've ever had on anything. I'm 21, in university and majoring in comp sci.
Gaming,music,tennis,movies,tv,actually pretty much anything interests me.
Fav Music:
Anything tbh.
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(See what I wrote for music)
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JEZthemaster writes...
at 10:10:28pm on 4/22/15
...... why did you delete my comment?
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 4:46:10pm on 4/22/15
Hue, hey nice to see that you've decided to join FFR once again!
I don't add people I don't know on Skype though, but I am totally fine with talking through here =)
mlgbakino writes...
at 5:07:40pm on 3/22/09
yo do u have XBL,and if you do whats your Gamertag
frycake writes...
at 4:10:09pm on 1/16/09
IM BACK FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sierralovespink_01 writes...
at 2:15:19pm on 11/22/08
hey its me sierra wat r u doin?i miss talkin to you.i wan to talk to you so bad!!!!
tsubasa6795 writes...
at 3:45:04pm on 11/7/08
lmao.what's up?
tsubasa6795 writes...
at 5:33:40pm on 10/23/08
chyaaaaa :D lol.i knowwwww :OOOOO was fun, but like tiring.I fell asleep in english class.
hah.and im not evan a real student there and I was ALREADY bored.hahahaha..
tsubasa6795 writes...
at 4:34:13pm on 10/22/08
ohhh..btw.ill be at freshman for a day on thursday this week:)
isabella's my host personn :D
tsubasa6795 writes...
at 4:36:40pm on 10/20/08
yeahh.that looks like a goiod movie:D
hey do you hang out at dunkin donuts after school?
tsubasa6795 writes...
at 10:17:37am on 10/19/08
neatt.what are you planning on watching??
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