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Chez Tikkesi

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Hey there, welcome to my profile page on FFR! I've been playing lots of different rhythm games for years, starting with Guitar Hero. After about 6 or 7 years of that, I moved to Stepmania and Osu!mania. Fast forward a bit more and then I found myself on DJMAX Respect and now FFR. Before you ask, yes I'm a furry. I also love Tails, Pokemon and (Obviously) Rhythm games. I'm a nice guy who doesn't mind random PM/DM, so if you ever want to chat or maybe play a game with me, feel free to send a message. I'm usually at my laptop most of the time aside from sleep, so I'll respond 95% of the time! I love making new friends and never judge anyone for things they like, so long as they don't judge me in return. Anyway, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Discord: Chez Tikkesi#0583
Guitar Hero DJ Hero DJMAX Respect FFR Osu!mania Pasta/Pizza Pokemon
Fav Music:
Anything that sounds good to me.
Fav Movies:
Mostly cartoon's and comedy.
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Antori writes at 1:49:41pm on 4/9/19
i is super proud i always believed in you
Antori writes at 3:52:41pm on 3/13/19
lvl 70 when