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MoonlightUsagi writes...
at 6:36:32am on 1/29/14
Really? Hm I can't seem to remember. >.<
MoonlightUsagi writes...
at 10:13:02am on 1/28/14
Yeah sure, dude. Hope the job hunt goes alright as well~ It's certainly difficult sometimes, but you have to keep going at it and apply to a lot of places! Do you have a Facebook by the way? :o
MoonlightUsagi writes...
at 11:24:46am on 1/22/14
dat coincidence lol. Anyways how are ya? It definitely has been awhile.
MoonlightUsagi writes...
at 6:27:07pm on 1/19/14
Oh holy crap you're back on FFR! And yeah it's me lol. From MySpace, remember?
MoonlightUsagi writes...
at 6:04:40am on 1/25/13
:D Hi Honton-san! It's been forever, ne? ^^ I wonder how you're doing..
sikavonangel writes...
at 9:11:14pm on 6/22/12
lies XD :P
sikavonangel writes...
at 11:02:24pm on 6/18/12
sikavonangel writes...
at 2:18:45pm on 6/18/12
:D nyuu pokie lol
sikavonangel writes...
at 11:33:02am on 6/17/12
kckagawa writes...
at 10:26:11pm on 11/19/08
And w00t! Go Cali XD
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